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  • The doctor gave the list of food: 4 5 do not eat eat!Vascular forever 20 years old (1)

The doctor gave the list of food: 4 5 do not eat eat!Vascular forever 20 years old (1)

  If there is abnormal blood vessel performance, it is not conducive to the blood circulation system, often a great deal of burden on the body。
We can understand some of the vessels of the conservation methods, including diet, etc., master of the vessel beneficial and harmful food and then let the blood vessel by way of a healthier diet。  Vascular What good food?  Apple: rich in nutrients and vitamins, polysaccharides acid helps break down excess body fat, promote smooth blood vessels, prevent atherosclerosis。
  Kelp: Kelp is rich in fucose polysaccharide, promote digestion and absorption of fat, prevent blood clots, greatly reduce the accumulation of cholesterol and lipoproteins in the body, so as to effectively control atherosclerosis。  May be rich in polyphenols, a substance that allows the body's resistance is greatly increased, but also to reduce carcinogenesis: tea。
Further, tea can clear the stomach, enhanced activity of red blood cells and blood vessel elasticity, blood vessels in the garbage removal, prevention of atherosclerosis。
  Onion: containing prostaglandin A, can promote vasodilation and reduce blood viscosity, reduce thrombi in a blood vessel, the blood vessel to relieve stress。And onions contain rich diallyl disulfide, these substances can enhance the activity of fibrinolysis achieve better lipolytic and protein。
  What are harmful to blood vessels food?  Pig intestine: pig intestine heat is relatively high, if excessive consumption of human body, may cause arterial atherosclerosis, very suitable for high cholesterol, obesity and other groups。  Fat: fat mostly saturated fatty acids, more easily lead to increased body weight, narrowing of blood vessels, the pressure increases, be more symptoms of atherosclerosis, are not conducive to control blood pressure and lipids。
And often will stimulate the body's heart, the emergence of a variety of cardiovascular diseases。  Shrimp: shrimp have more sodium ions, can cause sodium and water retention, into the blood vessels easily lead to blood vessel blockage symptoms tend to form burden on the heart, blood vessel at a disadvantage。
But also may lead to changes in blood pressure, high blood pressure symptoms appear。
  Cuttlefish: cuttlefish relatively high cholesterol can lead to atherosclerosis, the emergence of high cholesterol, high cholesterol and so the symptoms more easily than normal。
  Chicken liver: a relatively rich chicken liver cholesterol, if the intake of too much, easily lead to cardiovascular lipid imbalance of state, as well as long-term eating can cause atherosclerosis。
Is not conducive to control blood pressure vessels, the symptoms tend to get worse hypercholesterolemia, liver disease and coronary heart disease。
  When the above content is presented on vascular good food and harmful food, everyone in the face of cardiovascular symptoms, should promptly through the regulation of diet, understand the common food taboos, through diet and nutritional approach, let the body vascular health and more。