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Ten rule of law in Spring to your health

What are the rules after entering the spring, the weather began to pick up gradually, the climate has become moist up。This time recovery of all things, but at the same time, also began to breed bacteria, so it is very easy to get sick of。The law then how health network to bring it the following night for everyone in Spring in the spring, the top ten rules for your health!Spring health law rule a focus on the top ten – Yang Yang Spring is nature temperatures rise, gradually exuberant yang, this time focusing on health should conform to seasonal changes in Yang Yang。We want according to human germinal yang in the spring characteristics, so that an informed choice reinforcing and clean up the diet, such as selection of warm food can be tonic。Reinforcing the diet suitable for normal and infirm people, such as buckwheat, Coix seed, soy milk, green beans and walnuts etc ,,。Ching diet refers to a feeding cool side of the food boiled diet, such as pears, lotus root, shepherd's purse, lilies and other。Rule two – those in Spring laws and yin deficiency patients with gastric and duodenal ulcer disease who are usually at the onset of spring, so the diet therapy can be used。Honey and steam cooked before meals on an empty stomach 100 ml per day, divided into 3 doses; or with 250 ml, 50 g boil transferred to honey, Baiji 6 g, mix thoroughly after drinking。These are nourishing yin and Yiwei efficacy。
Yin deficiency constitution, optional rice porridge, red bean porridge, lotus porridge, vegetables mud and other foods, do not eat big sweet big greasy, fried greasy, cold rough food。
Rule Three – keep the brain。