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Autumn White, 5 recipes easily go eat yellow

Fall how whitening?Hot summer is over, then you know how to solicit questions do summer tan?Followed by their network with the view at night。
The so-called a white cover 100 ugly, women want to scrub your face, if long with a variety of speckled, dark complexion sallow, whether you wear more beautiful clothes, beautiful hair to do more, the overall look will not very beautiful!Today, the night teach you how to network through detoxification freckle!Season season, how to save a stain summer sun?First of all, do not rush。Drying out the stain, not a day formed a dilute or eliminate the need to process the fastest 28 days, a complete menstrual cycles。
In this period, the skin secretion of hormones with periodic accomplished stain loose excretion, desalination, this repair process。
Secondly, more sleep!Sleep well, in order to ensure adequate skin repair process, otherwise, the more skin to exposure to sunlight, air conditioning, pollution, environment。In addition, adequate sleep is the body organs common to recuperate process, after all, it is only part of the body face large environmental performance。
In addition, during the repair of sunburn, do not rush to replace or supplement a variety of skin care products。
After all, the skin produces familiar and comfortable with the process requires at least 21 days memory cycle of skin care products, skin care products, make frequent replacement of the skin is always in a state of anxiety or a sudden add a variety of skin care products in the skin overwhelmed state, these not conducive to better skin repair。
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