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Blocking vascular disease Health!Clear the blood vessels to use these five strokes (1)

  More and more younger, protect our blood vessels is particularly important。
Many diseases but also because more and more narrow and blood vessels induced, therefore, we should always clear our blood vessels, blood vessels clean up garbage。  Blocking vascular disease born of our blood flow throughout the body, it is transported by blood vessels, in particular arteries。
The inner wall of the artery of soft, flexible, so that the blood flows smoothly。  Once blocked blood vessels, the most common is atherosclerosis (arterial wall thickening, hardening, loss of elasticity), hardening of the arteries, blood flow slows down after stenosis, heart, brain, kidneys and limbs inevitably be affected。  Protect blood vessels, improve diet through a blood vessel with five strokes 1 First, eat less oil, such as fatty meat, grilled fried foods, pork, beef and mutton, etc., cooking oil should also pay attention, try to eat vegetable oil。  Secondly, less salt, and on the basis of more potassium can eat fresh fruits and vegetables such as garlic, hawthorn, persimmon, watermelon, jujube, bean sprouts, melon, etc.。  In addition, eat starchy foods, eat less sugar, fructose and sugary foods, reduce calorie intake。Principles do not drink tea, quit alcohol limit, remember that "small meals" of。  Finally, eat vinegar, appetizer Lee vessels。Modern medicine, vinegar can help digestion, enhance liver function, promote metabolism; also can dilate blood vessels, lower blood pressure, prevent the occurrence of。  2 positive, adequate exercise adhere to moderate exercise, not only can increase fat consumption, to reduce the deposition of cholesterol, reduce blood fat, accelerate blood circulation and prevent blood stasis, very good for the health of blood vessels。Jogging, walking, calisthenics, tai chi and other aerobic exercise is a good choice。  3 away from alcohol and tobacco An international study shows that smoking on young myocardial infarction "contribution rate" is the first, long-term smoking can damage the vascular endothelium, leading to the formation of atherosclerosis and thrombosis。
  Excessive drinking is to promote sympathetic nerve activity, heart rate, can cause an increase in myocardial oxygen consumption, coronary vasospasm, myocardial infarction resulting。
  Similarly, passive smoking will hurt the blood vessels, even greater damage。
  4 enough sleep can make blood vessels relax during sleep, the body detox and night time, and only enough sleep can better clear the body of toxins garbage out, protect blood vessels being blocked calm toxins。
  Over five Drinking water can reduce blood viscosity, speed up the body's metabolism, clean toxins out of blood vessels inside the garbage, make blood vessels more healthy, and more so every day to drink water, especially office workers。