Misunderstanding of winter tonic health care

Misunderstanding of winter tonic health care

“Winter, the heavens and the earth are closed, and the water is frozen.

From the perspective of the growth of all things in nature, winter is the season when everything is hidden, and nature is full of yin and yang, and everything has hidden yang, waiting for spring.

The winter wind is northerly and cold.

“Cold” is the main characteristic of winter climate change.

Therefore, Ping An Health Network reminds that winter health is especially important.

  Winter health care has recently become a topic of enthusiastic discussion among people who care about their health.

The health food counters in the shop became hot, and the nourishing dishes in the restaurant were also very popular. What kind of pot lamb and dog meat pot seems to be sorry if you don’t make up.

However, health care is not legal, and the results can be counterproductive.

  Mr. Su Li, a well-known Chinese medicine practitioner at Shaanxi Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said that winter is relatively cold, and it will have certain effects on human physiology and organs.

Therefore, proper attention to health is necessary.

The elderly, children and people with poor health should first pay attention to keeping warm, try not to get cold, and at the same time, don’t get too hot, and go to places with few people.

Can a person with a particularly weak constitution properly ingest some vitamins, vaccinate against flu, or enhance immunity Villebenz, thymosin, etc.

At the same time, it is best to come out in the afternoon to bask in the sun to promote the body’s absorption of vitamins and the like.

People with many outdoor activities or manual labor need to take regular baths and change clothes to maintain a normal circulation.

  Speaking of supplements, Mr. Su said that in the winter people have less activity and slower metabolism than other seasons, and the body is easy to gather aunts. Therefore, instead of taking high-protein and Gaozi supplements, try to pursue lightThis should be the case especially for your diet, liver, high blood lipids, and overweight.

In the diet, as long as you are not picky, there are many tricks, and coarse tea and light rice can be.

For our ordinary people, once the daily diet is moderate, to achieve a balanced diet, quit smoking and limit alcohol, always maintain a peaceful mentality, coupled with walking, running, exercise and other sports that make the body move, health should be natural.Thing.