Measure your mood will be affected by others

Measure your mood will be affected by others

Have you heard the idiom that people and gods are all angry, describing the people as being so angry that the common denominations of man and god are incompatible with each other?

This shows that many people’s angry things will cause public anger, and the previous people’s emotions will be affected by everything around them.

However, some people’s emotions are not easily affected by others. No matter how happy or sad the people around them are, they are indifferent. Such a person’s realm seems to be higher than the average person.

So, will your emotions be affected by others?

Or can we calmly and calmly face everything at all times?

Let’s test it together.

  1. What do you think of seeing your latest photos?

  Feeling dissatisfied → 2 feels good → 4 feels OK → 6 2 Do you think of something that will make you extremely disturbed after some years?

  I often think of → 3 never thought of → 5 and occasionally thought of → 7 3, have you been nicknamed and ridiculed by friends, colleagues or classmates?

  Often things → 4 never → 7 occasionally → 9 4.

After going to bed, do you often get up again to see the doors and windows, and the toilet lights are off?

  This is often the case.

→ 5 never does this → 6 occasionally does → 7 5 Are you satisfied with the person closest to you?

  Not satisfied → 10 Very satisfied → 11 Basically satisfied → 12 6. In the middle of the night, do you often feel scared?

  Often → 7 never → 9 Occasionally this happens → 10 7, do you often wake up by dreaming about something terrible?

  Often → 11 without → 13 occasionally → 15 8. Have you ever had the same dream multiple times?

  Yes → 9 No → 10 Unclear → 13 9 Is there a food that makes you vomit after eating?

  Yes → 11 not → 12 can not remember → 13 10, apart from the world you see, is there another world in your heart?

  Yes → 11 No → 13 Unclear → 15 11 Do you often feel that you are not born to your parents now?

  Often → 12 no → 14 occasionally → 15 12 Do you think someone loves you or respects you?

  Yes → 13 No → 14 Unclear → 15 13. Do you often feel that your family is not good for you, but you actually know that they are really good for you?

  Yes → 14 No → 15 Occasionally → A 14, do you feel that 80% of people who do n’t know you?

  Yes → 15 No → C is unclear → D 15, what do you most often feel when you get up in the morning?

  Melancholy → B happy → A unclear → D test results: A: Your emotions are stable, you have a strong self-confidence, you can face the reality, you have a great sense of morality, beauty and reason, and you have the ability to control your emotions.

Social adaptability is better and can understand the mood of the people around.

You must be a person with a bright personality and a welcome.

The highest state of cultivation is to be unaffected by others.

But basically no one has reached that level.

So do n’t think too much, do n’t affect others ’emotions, others are unhappy, just do n’t talk to him, do n’t affect your happy mood, this is necessary

  B: Your ability to control emotions is onset. In most cases, you can control your emotions, and it is basically stable.

Basically, you are a person who can distinguish between yourself and others. You understand how to shield those factors that will affect your emotions. In this way, your psychological quality is quite good.

Can calmly cope with general problems in life, but because he is too calm, indifferent and negative in thinking about things, he is often not good at exerting his own personality, suppressing self-confidence, enthusiasm for affairs, high and low, easy to look forward and backward, notbefore.

  C: Your mood is extremely unstable.

Not easy to deal with the frustrations in life, easy to be impulsive, feel a lot of daily worries, and make your mood in tension and contradiction.

Some company had something to congratulate and wanted to share with colleagues, but I was not very happy to see him listless and indifferent.

You should know yourself correctly in your life and not let others’ emotions affect you.

Be strong in being implied by others.

As long as you keep calm, you will be more objective when looking at things. You have your own evaluation and your own evaluation standards. It is not easy to be influenced by others.  D: This is a red flag. You’d better go to a psychological consultation or see a psychologist.

Your emotions are easily damaged, indicating that your mental capacity is too weak.

Your colleague, or friend, is upset. After you see it, happiness is built on the pain of others. This shows that you cannot control your emotions well. There must be other people’s words in life. Words and deeds have some influence on usYou can accept optimism and abandon pessimism. Don’t base your emotions on others’ rudeness.

Learn to adjust yourself and learn to deal with things and things with a calm mind.