Former South Korean Prime Minister joins Liberal Korean Party expected to compete for next president

Former South Korean Prime Minister joins Liberal Korean Party expected to compete for next president

Former South Korean Prime Minister Huang Jiaoan joined the largest opposition party, the Liberal Korean Party.

Observers believe that Huang Jiaoan may be intent on competing for the top position in this conservative party, and then participate in the 2022 presidential election.

  A recent opinion poll showed that Huang Jiao’an received the highest support among the potential candidates in the next presidential election in the conservative camp.

  [Fighting for the party leader]Huang Jiao’an 杭州夜生活网 successively served as the Minister of Justice and Prime Minister of the State of Park Geun-hye. He resigned on November 2, 2016 because of Cui Shunshi’s administration incident, and then continued to take office because the new Prime Minister Kim Bing-jun nominated his withdrawal.

Park Geun-hye was impeached and suspended in December of the same year, with Huang Jiao’an acting as president.

  Through the fermentation of the credible officials, Park Geun-hye’s New National Party (formerly known as the Grand National Party) split into the Liberal Korean Party and the Orthodox Party, both of which belong to the conservative camp.

Right now, President Moon Jae-in belongs to the Common Democracy Party, the largest party in Congress, and the Liberal Korean Party is the largest opposition party.

  Yonhap News Agency reported that Huang Jiao’an joined the Liberal Korean Party on the 15th this month, suggesting that he intends to participate in the party’s leader election on February 27.

  Some political analysts said that the Liberal Korean Party suffered a fiasco in the local elections last June and needs to be reorganized. Many politicians may compete for the party’s first post, including former party leader Hong Jun-gil, former Seoul mayor Wu Shixun, and former governor of Gyeongsangnam-do.Jin Taihao and Huang Jiao’an.

  In addition, Huang Jiao’an is one of the potential candidates for the next presidential election.

South Korea ‘s polling agency ‘s true meter released a survey last month, showing that among potential candidates for the 2022 presidential election, the state ‘s prime minister, Lee Luo-won, and the former prime minister, Huang Jiao’an, in the opposition camp formed a conflict between the two powers.

1% and 12.

The 9% public opinion support ranks in the top two.

  In that poll, the ranking was followed by Seoul Mayor Park Won-sun, 8.

7%; Governor Lee Jae-ming of Gyeongbo-do, 7.

0%; Shen Xiangyi, a member of the Justice Party, 7.

0%; Governor Gyeongsangnam-do, Kim Kyung-soo, 6.

9%; Wu Shixun, 6.

9%; Hong Zhunzhen, 5.


  [Rejections and Questions]After the news of Huang Jiao’an joining the Liberal Korean Party, the ruling party, the Common Democratic Party and several opposition parties, expressed dissatisfaction.

  A member of the Common Democracy Party was qualified at an intra-party meeting. Huang Jiao’an has been the Minister of Justice and the Prime Minister. He is one of the key figures of Park Geun-hye ‘s government and therefore bears responsibility for Park Geun-hui ‘s political scandal.

Today, without causing an apology, he is returning to the political stage like a victorious hero, which is unacceptable.

  Facing the voice of criticism, Huang Jiaoan countered at a press conference on the 15th: Some critics believed that all public officials who had worked in the former government could not be separated from the serious and inexorable deeds.

I don’t agree with typical criticism.

In my opinion, it should be distinguished that some things are done well and some things are done wrong.

  Park Geun-hye was caught in a credibility scandal in 2016, and was impeached in March 2017, becoming the first impeached president in South Korean history.

She was sentenced to 24 years in prison and fined 18 billion won (approximately 1) in the first instance in April 2018.

1 trillion yuan); the second trial on August 24 of the same year increased the sentence and was sentenced to 25 years in prison and a fine of 20 billion won (1.

200 million yuan).

(Yang Shuyi) (Xinhua News Agency Special Feature) Original Title: Former Korean Prime Minister Joins Liberal Korean Party to Race for Next President