The female salesperson was taken aback,I want to leave when I stand up。

“If you leave, I will complain to your bank!”Man pointing inside,Righteously said,Cold attitude,severe。
“Just,We will complain if you want to leave,What attitude?”
“Too shameless!”The two customers behind are also talking about it。
At this moment,Two bank security officers wearing helmets and guns came in outside the door,They are here to take the money,I retired when I saw a dispute here。
The middle-aged man who has been standing still walks to the counter,With a chuckle, he pulled out the receipt from Xia Jihan’s hand,Slap on the table,Said sharply:“Please answer his question,you,Repeat your question again。”
The female salesperson was shocked by the man’s momentum,She’s not going,Not to go,At this moment,A chubby leader-like person came out from inside,He smiled and came to the counter,Said:“Mr,I’m the sales office manager,Please tell me something。”
It’s the manager,The man in the black velvet coat said:“Sorry,I have nothing to tell you,It’s this lady,She came here to save money,Won’t fill in your form,Ask your salesperson,Asked several times without answering,Excuse me,Why is your service attitude we have to save money with you??Everyone said yes??”
“Yes yes,We look at her face every time we come,Try not to arrange her window,There are too many people looking at other windows this time,Just ranked here。”Said an aunt behind。
“Let’s talk about the Guizhou Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government’s fanfare activities for loving the people and rectifying the industry.,Is there still a blind spot??”
The saleswoman was just about to defend,Was immediately stopped by the manager with a wink,Sternly:“You go down first!”Then he beckoned,Another saleswoman,He said to the saleswoman:“You are in charge of these business。”Then he smiled and said to the man in the black velvet coat:“Thank you for monitoring our service,I apologize to you for the attitude of our staff。”
He said he was going to bow to the man in the black velvet coat。
The man in black quickly pulled Xia Jihan,Make the manager inside face Xia Jihan when he lifted up。
That manager smiled,To this black man:“Mr. Listen’s accent is not a local, right??”
“I am a small business,Running around。”He teased。