“A known1/a+1/b=9/2(a+b),thena/b+b/a=?”

Wang Yufei sighed in his heart,Similar questions seem to have been explained to Guo Xiaoyi last night,But obviously my sister did not understand what he said yesterday。
Just in this case,What can he do?Can only quickly write the answer on the manuscript paper on the table:“5/2”
“The answer is two out of five。”
next moment,Guo Xiaoyi replied loudly。
Unfortunately,Standing on the podium,The math teacher has already seen clearly the small movements between the two。
“The male student next to Guo Xiaoyi,What’s your name?”Li Ke asked unceremoniously。
Wang Yufei felt tight,Stood up quickly:“teacher,My name is Wang Yufei,Is a freshman who just transferred today。”
“Wang Yufei, do you think you are good??”Li Ke asked。
As a math teacher with only two years of experience,Li Ke’s eyes cannot rub sand。
Wang Yufei glanced sideways at Guo Xiaoyi,The girl pouted,Eye circles seem to be red。
If it changes morning,After Wang Yufei made a mistake and was exposed, he would definitely admit his mistake,Or stay silent。But today Guo Xiaoyi’s words with Han Qian seemed to open a window for him,Makes him think a little different。
So he naturally stated a fact:“Yes,teacher,I think I am really good。”
Without any pride,Even the tone is very sincere。