Satisfied,Feel superior,There is the kind of sacred standing tall and looking down,And the feeling of contempt for all the people。

He always thought this way from the bottom of his heart,Until this time his friend……
Or maybe it’s his girlfriend,Work in a factory,find him,Tell him someone bullied her or something,Let him do a favor,Fight or something。
He refused at first,I didn’t mean much,What about even my girlfriend,But then I really couldn’t survive the repeated plea of my girlfriend,What is entrusted by others,Still a good friend in her factory,Is her monitor,I usually take care of her,Have to help this time。
Finally he agreed,Only promised to fight,Anyway, I don’t want much time,At best20It’s over in minutes。
Then he met his girlfriend’s monitor,And a few colleagues,All followed to the Internet cafe,Waiting quietly outside。
All this should be pretty good,Just wait until the other party comes,Then this matter will come naturally,There won’t be any big problems。
But then his monitor called and made an appointment,What do you want to take a gamble?,Then said1010,000 yuan bet。
10Ten thousand yuan is actually quite a lot for Chen Jie,This also gave him more confidence in his heart,I thought I would win this10Ten thousand yuan,Do you give him some points??
The overall feeling of what he did think at first was pretty good。
What kind of heroes do you bully those who work in the factory??
In his opinion, the other party shouldn’t be a really powerful guy,Purely playing games,A little bit of technology,Self-righteous,I just thought how good I was。
He doesn’t like these people from the bottom of his heart。
The other person is arrogant and self-righteous,I really think of myself as someone,Only until this time,Suddenly the other party proposes to play and play bigger100Ten thousand,This made him instantly sluggish,Just looking so stupidly,I thought I heard it wrong。
Can get out100Million……Obviously not an ordinary person。
This is what makes him feel so surprised,The more so, the more puzzled in his heart。
I don’t know who they are facing this time,Another point,Is it really just an ordinary person??
Just out100Ten thousand,This is not something ordinary people give,This made him feel more puzzled once in his heart,The more I think about it, the more I feel there is a problem。