Besides rehearsing and singing on stage,Zhao Changshou’s most time,Come to accompany and sometimes sober,Sometimes a confused old woman。

It’s just that he has become famous recently,So when pushing the old woman out for a walk,People often come to talk to him,Or ask for a group photo。
This also added a lot of trouble to Zhao Changshou,But embarrassed to refuse,But this kind of behavior really makes the old woman uncomfortable。
After so many times,He simply asked the two waitresses to push his wife out during the day,Then I push the wheelchair out again at night,Wander around,This will save a lot of trouble。
Look in front of you。
What Shen Huan saw was Brother Nine、And a thin middle-aged man,The one sitting in the middle is over thirty,Looks like Fufutaitai。
They saw Shen Huan come in,Stand up respectfully and introduce themselves,It turns out that one is director Wu Ping,The other is Hua Zhongpu, the production director of the program group。
“Teacher Lu,I’m so sorry。”Hua Zhongpu as the general manager,Express your attitude first:“Reveal your identity this time,Plus the leak of the song,It’s our negligence!We apologize to you,And guarantee,Definitely not next time!”
“Did you find the leaker??”Shen Huan asked。
“not yet。”Hua Zhongpu shook his head and said,“But the staff at the recording site and rehearsal site,Work overlapping,Just a dozen people,Let’s check it carefully,Will find it。”
“This person also provided video or audio information,You can look at the clues in this regard。”Shen Huan reminded。
Tang Yuan was excited just now,Accidentally missed the mouth,Say him“Listened to it many times”,and《Hero song》I just officially sang today,How did he listen so many times?
Except that someone else recorded it to him,Is there a second possibility??
Shen Huan’s disclosure of this kind of arbitrarily trampling on the fruits of other people’s labor,Is very disgusting,So I definitely hope to get this person out soon。
“I understand。”Hua Zhongpu nodded seriously,“Please believe,We are also the least willing to leak!Otherwise, the audience will hear your work from other channels,Why do we still get high ratings?”
This is。