The honest Xia Zecheng nodded slightly,His heart finally blossomed with joy,One is that my son is promising to make money for the family,Second, I have been out for so many days,He finally got news。

Xia Jian’s mother Sun Yuejuan,Excited and wiped tears with hand Juan,Smiled and said to Xia Zecheng:“You prepare,Tianqing, let’s go see our son,I really miss him so much”Mother worries,This sentence is not false。
Xia Zecheng is holding the money order,Said with a sad look:“I want, too,But this bastard,Deliberately not leaving detailed address,You said Bucheon is so big,Where are we going to find him??”
Xia family sitting in the house,I thought Xia Jian contacted his family this time,Never expected,This kid is fooling around,Here comes a dragon。
Xia Sanhu sat on the threshold of Xia Jian’s main hall,Say coldly:“Don’t worry about it,Xia Jian must have his reason for doing this,When he wants to contact home,Will naturally connect”
“Hey!I think if he can come back soon,Everyone will join the town,Let Wang Degui step down,Xia Jianshang,You all have a look,What is this village like,Road is not a way,Draught is so difficult”Xia Sanye gets more and more angry,Big smoke stick in his mouth,Suck it right away。
Wang Degui did not act according to his speech during the election,One is walking,The second is the draft,These have become two major problems in Xiping Village,Listening to others scolding every day,He also feels uncomfortable,But a good wife is hard to cook without rice,This noise,You have to use money,But where does this money come from。
The Xiping Village Committee is a mess,It turns out that there are withdrawals every year,How much money is left in the village,Now the policy has changed,This piece is gone,The village really became a pauper。
“uncle,Can’t go on like this,No one dares to scold you when you go out,As soon as i get to the village,They even scolded my ancestors,This road must be repaired”In the hall of Wang Degui’s house,Chen Gui blinked his small eyes,To Wang Degui who is smoking。
The leadership team in this village,Three people in total,This Wang Lijun’s wife is coming to the box,So what’s the matter,The two of them negotiated at Wang Degui’s house,Which village committee,Nothing inside,They don’t bother to go。
Wang Degui took a sharp cigarette and said:“I have thought of everything I can think of,But our village is too poor,Nothing,If you collect money for road repair,If you divert water again,The villagers didn’t have much money,Secondly, someone will use this to make trouble,So we have to think of a perfect solution”
“Think of a fart,Counting on Xiping Village,Don’t think about it,This matter depends on the government,Run more to town”Wang Degui’s wife Chen Yueqin interrupted Wang Degui,This woman,Things are more,Wang Degui has said she many times,She just can’t remember。
Wang Youcai touched his big round belly,Take a look at Chen Yueqin and say:“mom,You just do your thing,You don’t understand this,Stop talking nonsense,Didn’t you see my dad running to town??Actually I also heard,Salaries of relevant staff in town,I haven’t posted it for several months,Then we can still get money”