Xia Jian smiled and said:“Meng Xiaoyun!Who’s messing with you,I’m telling you business”

“I do not understand what you are saying”Meng Xiaoyun said,Move slowly towards the window everywhere。This woman is really unrepentant,Things have reached this point,She is still doing the last struggle。
Xia Jian’s face changed,Said sharply:“Don’t shame you,If you are not honest,I can http://www.volnn.cn break your neck。Wang Dongping from the warehouse has confessed all the ugly things you have done.。In addition,Warehouse data for this month,I copied itUPlate,What else do you have to argue?”
Meng Xiaoyun smiled and said:“who are you?How dare you run here and talk nonsense。you need to know,What you did today,If Guanbei knew,He will tell you to die eight times”When Meng Xiaoyun said this,,Gritted teeth,Hate Xia Jian to his bones。
“Kanbei and Kansai will never have this opportunity,You should explain your own affairs clearly,Otherwise, just wait for the prison!”Xia Jianzai deliberately frightened this Meng Xiaoyun。He comes,I think this Meng Xiaoyun is not easy to deal with。
Meng Xiaoyun said with a cold smile:“Don’t scare people,What is the purpose?。If the request is not excessive,I will definitely promise you”
“Then you mean to say,You http://www.paulight.cn have admitted that you did it?”Xia Jian sees the needle,Hurriedly asked。
Meng Xiaoyun sighed and said:“Admit how,What if you don’t admit it。Anyway, this is someone’s housework,We are a part-time worker,How do they arrange,I did just that”
“You may have forgotten one thing,That is, the legal person of Huadong Electronics is Guannan,Not Guanbei。You cooperated with Guanbei to tamper with the company’s accounts,Damaged company interests。If Guannan catches up,,You are going to jail。Even Guanbei can’t save you”Xia Jian is still patient,Enlighten Meng Xiaoyun step by step。
Meng Xiaoyun asked with a smile:“Then tell me,who are you?”
“I’m a member of the Kannan team to investigate the joint embezzlement of company property by Kansai and Kansai,Tell you the truth,Our people have controlled the entire factory”Xia Jian deliberately exaggerated the facts,The purpose is for Meng Xiaoyun to confess。
What Xia Jian said,Meng Xiaoyun’s face changed slightly,But she still doesn’t believe what Xia Jian said is true,So she sneered:“Is this possible?Guannan and Guanbei are also related to Xi Ke as brothers,Do you think this is feasible?”
“Ok!Since you don’t believe,Then I will let Mr. Guan speak with you”Xia Jian said,Took out the phone。
Meng Xiaoyun frowned,Tentative question:“You mean Mr. Guan is http://www.zrzhe.cn hereTcountry?”
Xia Jian nodded,He dialed Guannan’s cell phone,He said to the phone:“General Guan!I’m investigating Meng Xiaoyun, CFO。But she doesn’t believe it,You will check Guanbei and Kansai。So you need to prove”
“Meng Xiaoyun!Listen to me。Xia Jian is my son-in-law,I was dragged by our commission to investigate the East China Electronics Factory,So what do you know,Or what did you do,As long as you cooperate with my investigation,What I have done to you is not a shame”