But at this moment,Shen Xuan suddenly stopped。

Not long,Shen Xuan looked down at the bottom。
“This is here。”
Shen Xuan gently,A small dark slang here,Immediately open。
Soldiers surrounding those War Temples are silled,what,It’s still something here.?
Chapter 157 after the scene,Shura
This,what exactly is it?
Shen Xuan curious,The warrior,Also very curious。
Everyone faces each other,Look at Shen Xuan。
And Shen Xuan,Put on:“Go down。”
In short, look at what is here.,Make another decision。
As for the right words,Also speaking http://www.shenzhen-jipiao.cn more。
so now,After Sinking,The two war halls around me slowly opened the small dark slate。
And one of the following ladders,The light below is not very clear。
“do not know either,What is the situation here?。”
Shen Xuan now,Not clear。
But how long,These Wars Temple soldiers come here。
“Leader,There are many jewels and food here.。”
Is that so?
Shen Xuan nodded。
“kindness,Several people are guarded above,Others go with me to see。”
Although now,I don’t know what is going on.。
But intuition tell Shen Xuan,What is definitely there?。
Anything else,Go down first,I know what is going on.。
Shen Xuan looked down and saw it.,Suddenly a bit surprised。
“this place”
Shen Xuan found,Here is the sparrow, although the small flour。
and,Although the required necessities needed,Here is more。
Means of,Even if you live here,It is also completely incomplete problem.。
“I really don’t know how these people think about it.?”
When Shen Xuan saw it here,I think it is dark in my heart.,The more I want to feel interesting.。
But now,It is not to continue to tangle http://www.mosashop.cn this time.。
For Shen Xuan,Today’s urgent,Still should be found here。
Just here,What else is there??
Shen Xuan’s heart thinks here,Look around。
quickly,Shen Xuan found a bunch of books, etc.。
Shenxuan quickly turned out,The top right is indeed account。