Distinguish the disease based on the baby’s tongue coating

Distinguish the disease based on the baby’s tongue coating

The color of the baby’s small tongue is a healthy barometer. A normal healthy baby’s tongue should be medium in size, the tongue is soft, red and moist, can be flexibly moved, the tongue is clear, and the tongue has a thin, light, wet, and mild.No odor in mouth.

If your baby is sick, tongue quality and tongue coating will change accordingly.

You can refer to the following baby tongue coating to determine the disease.

  ■ Symptom 1: Tongue coating is red and normal. The tongue of a normal healthy baby should be moderate in size, the tongue is soft, red and moist, can flexibly move, speak clearly, and the tongue has a thin, dry, mild and dry moss, and there is no odor.
Once the baby is sick, the tongue quality and tongue coating will change accordingly.

  Experts point out that if the baby has a cold and fever, the first manifestation is red tongue, yellow and white tongue coating is thicker, if the fever is higher, the tongue is red, and the tongue coating is dry, indicating that the baby is suffering from heat and fluid.

  Fever is often accompanied by dry stools, and babies often have heavier odors.

This situation usually indicates that the baby’s internal heat is heavy, and the mother should pay attention to it.

Babies with severe fever sometimes even see thick red thorns on their tongue.

  Experts point out that if the baby is found to be hot at this time, physical cooling should be performed in time.

If the temperature is too high or the fever does not return, you should seek medical treatment in time.

In addition, pay attention to give your baby more water, eat less or not eat greasy food.

Experts suggest that you can purchase fresh reed roots or dried reed roots, chrysanthemums, and nasturtium decoction to give your baby frequent access.

  ■ Symptom 2: Yellow and white tongue coating is thick and sticky. If the baby’s small tongue, a thick layer of yellow and white scale can be seen. The tongue coating is sticky and thick, and it is not easy to scrape.The smell of rancidity, this situation is probably caused by overeating usually, eating too much greasy food, and poor digestive function of the spleen and stomach. The common people call it accumulation of food.

  Experts point out that if the baby has the above situation, it is likely that he overeats, is full, and the digestive function is disordered.

At this time, pay attention to the baby’s diet when this kind of tongue coating appears.

If your baby has accumulated food, you can take some digestive drugs or food such as hawthorn according to the specific situation. You can also take 15g of chicken internal gold and 30g of hawthorn, one dose per day.

If your baby’s stool is dry and the abdominal distension is obvious, you can take 6g decoction of Laizizi, 6g of Cassia and 10g of melon decoction, which can also eliminate the effect of digestion and stagnation.

  ■ Symptom 3: pale tongue map Sometimes, mothers look at the baby ‘s small tongue, and they will find a map of the baby ‘s small tongue: a pale tongue, exfoliated moss everywhere, and the exfoliated edge is like a frame., Shaped like a map.

Babies may even have tongue discomfort or slight pain when eating hot food.

  Most of the baby’s map tongues are due to digestive disorders, or the baby has been sick longer, causing both qi and yin injuries in the body.

Babies aiming at the map tongue are often prone to picky eaters, partial eclipses, cold drinks, sleep instability, kicking the quilt, and reversing sleep. Other babies tend to cry, hot and sweaty, pale and dull, weak and thin,Afraid of cold, palm fever and so on.

Li Jian suggested that at this time the baby should eat more fresh fruits and green or red vegetables. At the same time, pay attention to avoid fried, fried, greasy, spicy food.

You can use appropriate amount of yam, white lentils, red dates, porridge with barley and millet for your baby. If you use it with animal liver, the effect will be better.

If the baby is pale, tired and weak, dry mouth, dry stools, mostly qi and yin injuries, you can use lily, lotus seeds, wolfberry, raw astragalus in soup, it will improve the map tongue.

  ■ Symptom 4: The mirror-smooth tongue with smooth tongue is often feverish, has repeated colds, and has a bad appetite or chronic diarrhea. The baby will have red tongue like fresh meat, all tongue coating will fall off, and the tongue will be smooth like a mirror.It is a mirror red tongue.

  Babies with a mirror tongue often have symptoms of loss of appetite, dry mouth, or bloating, such as bulging.

  Experts suggest that for babies with mirror red tongue, don’t consider them weak, just give a lot of supplements or give them fatty food.

This is mostly due to spleen and stomach yin deficiency. You should eat more soy milk or fresh and digestible vegetables, such as cucumbers, tomatoes, turnips, etc. You can also add watermelon, apples, pears, and coriander juice, or use yam and lotus seeds sooner or later., Lily porridge for baby.

  ■ Special reminder that the baby’s tongue coating tends to thicken, and new mothers often don’t know how to deal with it.

Some new mothers think that as long as the cotton swab dipped in warm water is used for finishing.

However, experts point out that this approach is not correct. The cure for the symptoms is not the cure. The tongue coating reflects the gas and the tongue coating is scraped off, but the internal problems remain unresolved.

  In addition, red tongue and moss-free moss in newborns and milky white moss in babies are normal. Mothers should not be too nervous because they think it is caused by disease.

Also, if the baby eats some medicines or food, it will often make the tongue coating become discolored, such as the back tongue coating will become yellow and thick, these are not diseased coatings.

Generally speaking, the color of the moss is bright and shallow, and the diseased moss is not easy to recede. You can use this to distinguish it. Do not mistake the normal tongue moss for diseased moss and start a false alarm.