But still shocked by this knife worker,This is the state he has always hoped to achieve,It’s a pity。</p>

Su Luo’s knife skills amazed him,Do these,Su Luochong shouted from inside the pavilion:“Pen Peng,Come and help light the fire。”</p>
Peng Yu sang agreed:“coming,Brother Luo。”</p>
Huang Lei saw Peng Yu singing,Tao:“Don’t use these firewood,Are all exposed to rain,Wet,There is dry firewood in the house,You go take it out a little。”</p>
Peng Peng nodded,Because the water hasn’t boiled yet,So he can only handle other ingredients,I plan to make another Rou Jia Mo。</p>
Rou Jia Mo,Is a local specialties,Well-known for a long time,Roll up sleeves,Bring a clean stainless steel basin。</p>
Su Luo began to make dough,There are almost ten people,The amount is still quite large,Pour in three scoops of flour,Half a scoop of water。</p>
It took about fifteen minutes,Make up the noodles,Seal with plastic wrap for use,Peng Peng also shouted at this moment:“Brother Luo,Water boiled。”</p>
Su Luo nodded,Tao:“Got it。”</p>
Boil water,To put the bean sprouts,And the dishes he just cut,Go over the water,One is easy to cook,One is to remove the smell of these dishes。</p>
E.g,Celery has a pungent smell,Does not smell good,Go over the water,Can largely,Go for the pungent smell。</p>
Then add a small amount of soybeans and cook,After taking out the soybeans,Add the noodles。</p>
The indispensable part of the fried noodles is the dried yellow sauce,Dilute with water,Because of the fire,So the noodles are only five minutes,Already cooked。</p>
Set up the pot,Start making sauce,Salad oil heating,Add aniseed and sauté,Add diced pork belly,Fry the aroma and then out the pan。</p>
Rinse the pot with clean water,Add the diluted dry yellow sauce,A little sweet noodle sauce,Scallion Garlic,Sesame oil,Fry for 20 minutes,spare。</p>
Cool down the cooked noodles in cold water,Put in the basin,Then add the sauce one by one,Cooked carrots, etc.。</p>
Stir well,Then the fragrant fried noodles are freshly baked。</p>