Once they gave Shanhai.com they won the two major markets of Japanese Benzene and Taiji Country.,It is no exaggeration for their valuation to skyrocket again。

Put aside Youyi’s worries。
in fact,Since know《Gift in Room 7》After coming to the Busan International Film Festival,Many ambitious movies,Have chosen to yield。
So that this time I participated in other movies in the film industry,None of them are too outstanding。
But who cares?
if there is《Gift in Room 7》enough!
Tai Chi fans and movie fans think so!
Their madness,Not only is it reflected in the long dragon that drains hundreds of meters,Queue at least more than5Hours of feat,It’s more reflected every night《Gift in Room 7》The crew members came out to interact and thank you。
From the first day of the film festival to the last day of the screening yesterday,This time of every day,At least three to fifty thousand people gathered in the square,Shouting《Gift in Room 7》The name of the character inside。
The most popular are of course Guo Hang and Yang Shu。
They hardly dare to appear in any other public places,For fear, I was surrounded by crazy book fans and movie fans,Causing distress。
You said in such a crazy atmosphere,《Gift in Room 7》Can I not win the prize??
“Corporate Arts Support Award——《Gift in Room 7》!”
“KNNAudience Award——《Gift in Room 7》!”
“Citizen critic award——《Gift in Room 7》!”
“Busan Fan Award——《Gift in Room 7》!”
“Busan Bank Award——《Gift in Room 7》!”
“Best Screenplay Award——Chu Liuxiang!”