Narrate,Xing Jian shook his head,“They can’t come,It’s you……I didn’t expect you to be a disciple of Tianshan.。”

“嘿嘿,My master doesn’t let me say it.,Suspected me to lose your face。Two chobians,I heard that the Guardian Alliance is now unstable internal,Is it true?。”
“Who are you listening??” Baihu Tang, the first opening of the first time,Sound cold,Gaze。
“My master is calculated.,He said that there are three factions that are out of the Guardian Alliance.,Zhuquang and Xuanwutang neutral,The law enforcement hall and the white tiger hall have died in others.,Click one’s tongue,How to look at you two is very harmonious。Haha,This should be Miss Jun Yulian.,Sure enough, very beautiful。”
At this moment, Feng Tianpeng and the past,Haha,No one is working。
After the end,Face,Positive color,“Miss Jun Yulian,I view you today’s bloody disaster,must be careful!”
“What do you say?!”
Jun Yulian’s face is cold,Although she heard of Feng Tianpeng,It is the first time I meet.。
I didn’t expect this guy to curse myself.。
“Uh……Sorry, sorry,Mistake,You should know,My master has since left Tianshan School.,Emperient into various subjects and divination,And be sure to learn,Just now, Miss Jun Yulian……Ugh,Calculate,Do not say。”
He cares about left right,Eyelid。
Suddenly,Bright eyes,I ran in a place.。
Then I came to a man and a woman.,Looking at the woman,Double eyes bright crystal。
“The beauty of the beautiful three well-abbot is the Lord of the League.,Today’s see,Sure enough,Disrespect。”
Liuzi looks at him,Newspaper,“Feng Shao,Hello。”
“Good,Everyone is good。”
This moment of Feng Tianpeng,It’s just a colorful wolf.。
He is very reluctant to sit down,A pair of eyes scans the waves of Liuzi Eye。
“cough,I am a little regret now.,I know that I should not pay my girl.,Liu Zhong,If I have chased you now,Have you come yet??”
“Then see how many sincerity of Feng Shao,If you are willing,Can try。”
Liuzi is not angry,Even laughing,“Feng Shao is very surprised today.,I am afraid that many people have never thought of,You turned out to be the disciple of Tianshan School。”
“Haha,In fact, for many people,This is not a secret,Just they didn’t touch this.。”
Feng Tianpeng hit a haha,“For example,I know a secret,Liu Zhi, you must not know。”
“What secret?”
Liuzi does not think a sentence。
Feng Tianpeng’s mysterious smile,Suddenly look at the right side,“This should be Meng Tiancheng, deputy owner of the three parties.。”
“Is a monk。”
Meng Tiancheng passed away,“Feng Shao,Long-term name。”
“Haha,you are welcome。”
Feng Tianpeng smiled again,Look。
However, next moment,Also look at Liuzi,“My secret is about Meng Tiancheng deputy,Although he is born in Laoshan,Home South,But few people know,Meng Zhun Lord is actually a person in Qinghai Meng family.,Liu Zhan, do you know that Meng’s family??Once is one of the four families of Qinghai,The result was out of summer.,Certainty,This is not the most important,Important,I also get a secret message,Many members of the three education,I have come to the city,Well……to be exact,They are actually in this manor。Liu Zhong,This is your arrangement?”
Liu Ziyi,Daxiang。
The next conscious looks to Meng Tiancheng next to him.,Just capture the shock in his eyes。
At this time,Feng Tianpeng haha smile,Stand up and fart to go to a woman with a body face.。
“This beauty,May I ask your surname,Despicion Feng Tianpeng,Until unmarried,Home lived in Beijing……”