“so,Naruto, you don’t have to pay too much.”Spring said。

Naruto lowered his head。
he knows,Springs have tried our best.。
But face the power of the big cylinder home,They must lift the power as soon as possible。
“People die as ash,They all died for a hundred years.,What http://www.hlddh.cn is the meaning?”Sasuke said faintly。
He can have no feelings like this.。
“But this is a soul.,We destroy them,They don’t exist.”Narler said。
“Even if there is an arrangement, it is necessary to destroy their soul.,Leave only the original meaning to go to the world,There is almost no imprint.”
“We can’t let them live.,Do you say how much they exist?”
“You have to understand,This is just a expectation for later people.,Let them feel that there is an incident,In fact, there is no relationship with the past.”
“Unless he is cultivating,Can save some memories”
Quanyi knows that Naruto is almost the same.,Have to persuade。
And he is also,So I have to change the earth.。
Chapter 35 chat
The final nun is still accepted.。
Even if they don’t choose to be swallowed,These souls will only slowly dissipate,Or http://www.yesdance.cn sleep forever。
Instead, they have lost their power against the big cylinder.。
However, it is necessary to prepare for the meaning of the ethical origin.,Sasuke and Naruto’s body needs to accept certain transformation。
In this way, you can fully withstand the power of the source of Chakra.。
However, the Naruto said he didn’t want to accept the transformation.,So Quan Wei can only let him go to the gravity space practice。
He itself has a fairy body,Don’t accept the transformation。
Sasuke can’t work,No immortal,I want to quickly accept the future will receive the transformation.。
But a part of the ten tail,The impact on his gene is not big。
Besides his child is also born.,There is no concern in this area.。
“There was a result.”
Big snake pill came to the residence of the spring。
“what’s the http://www.ygmc100.cn situation”Spring asked。
“Say it and have a relationship with you.”Big snake pill smiling and said。
“Um?”Quan Yiyi。
“His body has your cells,And it is improved,The situation is very like the batch of my previous manufactured.”Big snake pill continued。
He is not very embarrassed,Almost out of cells are all made,Spring is very clear。
“You are saying that Chakra growth in leaf pill is because of my cells.?”Square surprised。
“Yes,Although I don’t know how he gets it.”Big Snake Pill。