Don’t be too picky about yourself

Don’t be too picky about yourself

If you want to talk about the mistakes you can’t make, I’d like to talk about the advantages of women (laughs).

Because women have many advantages that men do not have.

Women are usually more honest and committed to the organization; and women are very costly in doing things, but demand renewed returns.

In terms of communication, a woman’s unique and exquisite sense of exquisiteness makes her the superiority of progressive communication.

  Because of this, many of the women’s strengths also become her weaknesses.

The delicateness of a woman’s heart prevents her from accepting the cruelty of business activities.

Feelings are hurt more by being emotionally rich.

So there is really nothing wrong that can’t be made, that is, everything can’t be too much.

In addition, being too emotional is not good. Sensibility will only bite your hands and feet, and you cannot move forward.

In the workplace, women don’t need to pretend to be men. Everything is natural.

  After reading “101 Unconscious Mistakes That Must Not Be Made in the Office”, the first thing I thought was why women are so difficult.

Many other people will do the same, but if women do it, they will be hurt in their career development.

  In addition, this also resonates with me. Women are very strict with themselves.

It is good to be strict with yourself, but there are some things that don’t need to be too mindful, otherwise it will lead to psychological imbalance, and you will find that the environment is incompatible with yourself.

Moreover, there are many very successful women who will also have behavior changes in books, but they are doing very well in their careers at the same time.

This shows that today is a diverse society that can accept different types of people, so we don’t have to be too picky about our actions.