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8 tips to help you sleep

The weather is cold and the indoor temperature is just right, but you always can’t sleep well. Why?

Here are 8 tips to help you sleep, help you to solve your sleep problems, and get a good sleep!

  Pillow spray can help you fall asleep and can’t sleep?

Spray a little sleep spray on your pillow!

Most of these products have added some plant essential oils that can calm and soothe emotions and help to relax. When you lie on the pillow, you will be surrounded by a comfortable smell, and the whole person will slowly relax and enter a sweet dreamland.

  Fixed sleep time Fixed sleep time is very important. Try to stay up late or get up late to keep the physiological clock stable, and you will feel drowsy at about the same time!

  Do not go online for half an hour before going to bed. Listening to too high music or watching news programs that will become angry with you will not prevent you from doing a body massage for yourself, applying body lotion with a relaxing effect, and tightening your neck and shoulders., Arms, legs, etc. to make some relaxing movements, can help you more comfortable.

  Temperature and humidity suitable for sleep will also affect sleep!

  Too hot will be too cold, and some people will not sleep well. Insufficient humidity will make you dry and wake up in the middle of the night. Keeping indoors at about 24 degrees is the most comfortable sleep, while maintaining humidity at 60% is the best.
  Before going to bed, you can put a glass of water on the bed, and when it ‘s cold or air-conditioned, do n’t prevent you from putting on socks and gloves when you sleep. It helps to keep your hands and feet warm and sleep better.

  Take a relaxing sleep-aid bathtub and spend all day busy, still can’t relax at night?

  If you are a person with a tight bandage that is difficult to decompress, it is recommended that you take a warm bath before going to bed, which can be 15-20 minutes. When bathing, add some aromatherapy products with soothing and relaxing effects, and then leave the entire head in the bubbleWhen you take a bath, completely empty up and let yourself enter the meditation space. After soaking in the bathtub, you will feel that the whole person is too much relaxed and invaded by heavy drowsiness. You want to hurry to lie down.

  When using the fragrance to create a soothing sleep bubble bath, first light up the essential oil candles in the bedroom!

  The smell of a high-quality essential oil candle is comfortable and rich, which will make the entire room full of charming aroma, so that when you step into the room, you will be surrounded by the comfortable smell, and slowly feel more relaxed than passing over.Unconsciously, I feel sleepy.

  Avoid light disturbing sleep Light is the biggest culprit affecting sleep, which makes people sleep unsteadily, and even wake up frequently due to light sleep!

  If you can’t grasp the light in your bedroom (night mate with your roommate or pillow person), you may wish to wear eye masks to help you avoid light. Some eye masks also add a soothing aroma to help you relax and sleep more sweetly!

  Hair care products can also help you sleep. Hair care products can also help you sleep more peacefully, and you can have a beautiful hair when you wake up!

  Kashi launches special hair products for night time, which can intensively repair hair for 8 hours during sleep time, and the product also adds multi-level fresh floral fragrance, so that you will be surrounded by your own hair.

  Try the Sleep SPA If you have been experiencing poor sleep quality or insomnia, try Deng Qier’s diffuse wave sleep therapy.

  This SPA treatment uses a unique soft wave vibration massage that promotes the body to shake, helping to release pressure, rebuilding the harmonious frequency in the body, and performing shiatsu massage for the 400 energy points of the scalp to promote left and right brain balance while improving shoulder and neck musclesTightness helps improve sleep quality.