“I said before that love has a price,Now it seems,Human heart。You can get basic professional ethics without relying on heavy and high salary,Even this person,Just have no morals。”Baby Ou frowned,What she hates most,It’s something like the inner ghost traitor。

Betrayed the expectations of others,Still complacent,Professional ethics,Affection and morality,Throw it all aside。Is the money I got like this,Can you really feel at ease??
Mr. Chen smiled,But said something particularly indifferent,“Morality has a price,Some people don’t sell,Someone worthless。He thinks he is a good bird choosing wood to live,People go high,But people like him,Visible height,It’s just a brick stepped on by your feet。He can only see so high,How can you be like you,Have a bigger vision.”
“.”It’s the first time Baby Ou heard that vision is used to describe vision,And,“Are you flattering me??”
Mr. Chen continues to laugh,“.Look here,This is our new batch of sorters,Very efficient.”
Baby Ou stop,Touched the machine,“How do you need me to cooperate with you?”
Mr. Chen lowered his head,“Just say a word.”
dinner time,Prepared a banquet,Baby Ou didn’t wear any dress either,Just changed into a suit,Under Chen’s introduction,And the local tycoons and officials,And other company groups,And said hello seriously,This is the first time Ou Baobao has come here,She is also the new chairman of Daou,Debut here。Many people gave a warm welcome,and,With young and good-looking guys.
“This is really a grand blind date,Comparable to the United Nations’ blind date。”Yu Sheng spit out。
Baby Ou glanced at him,Be quiet,Many people here can speak Chinese。
In the process of talking with many people,Baby Ou asked without a trace,There really is an overseas company that has bought a lot of places recently。Here can only be leased,The lease term is from 20 years。This company is really big,And there are abandoned mines in the rented place。This is very confusing,Some people think this is transferring funds,Bad Manufacturing Industry.
This is very reasonable。
But Baby Ou knows,This is Yi Laosan’s handwriting。Also further affirmed,Since there is an abandoned mine,So Yi’s purpose,It’s not ore。But except for these ores,There is really nothing else.
This place has been investigated and surveyed countless times by countless people.,Don’t talk about rare metals, rare ore,Even if it’s a little more valuable,Very few,It’s just because the unique ore reserves are high,There are underdeveloped countries here,That’s why it welcomes and attracts many businessmen to rent land here for mining。
Mined ore,According to the negotiated terms,Possessing part of the ownership。Usually pay directly,I just bought it from the local,There are also what local manufacturers need,And then just pulled away,This is according to the contract conditions。Daou came here very early,So the ownership of letting out is very low,Now the highest is 30%。
Because it looks like this,Underdeveloped country,Have become manufacturing plants in developed countries,Raw materials available on-site,Will save costs,Then it will increase manually。Capitals are exploiting productivity,All spare no effort。But there is a lot of labor here,Need work,Need a stable living environment,Before they develop,There is no way to refuse the job opportunities provided by these capitals。
Daou is here,There are also factories,Although we have tried our best to give local employees the best benefits,But in the position of Ou Bao,Talk about charity and treat employees kindly,In this case,She herself thought it was a joke。No matter how charitable businessmen are to employees,Not really charity,No matter how much charity the businessman does,Can’t be a philanthropist。