When the fans came out,All smiles。

They not only heard Han Donger’s first concert today,I also saw the interaction between Han Donger and Shen Huan,That one《select》,It is a classic of love song duet。
Especially this song is sung like this,It has become the love song of Shen Huan and Han Donger。
The significance of this witness to history is completely different!
So they came out,I started to start a meager or circle of friends。
Many people don’t know,Actually when the concert was held,Because there are too many people,So the network will be blocked,Have to wait until after coming out,To a place with few people,To send messages online。
“Hahaha,piggy,You don’t come to the concert,It’s really a pity!I missed the peerless classic!”
“I’m sure,12In a concert,Basically nothing like us,Because Shen Huan can’t run with Han Donger in one go12Cities!”
“I highly recommend to everyone,Teacher Lu Xiaofeng personally wrote lyrics and music,And sang with Han Donger《select》!It’s awesome!”
“《select》Why hasn’t this song been allowed to download on the three major music sites??Good song!”
“I feel《select》It’s kind of like the songs of our parents,But we listen,There is no feeling of disobedience。”
“In KaraOKInside the hall,There will definitely be one more classic!Even if boys don’t want to sing,Girls will force boys to sing!”
They are yelling here,People who haven’t been to a concert,But the heart of gossip suddenly rises,Grabbing and asking,What’s going on。
After a night of fermentation,Finally in the next morning,Pieces of heavy news about Han Donger’s first concert,Occupies a meager hot topic。
《Han Donger’s concert was a big success,But the most concerned is something else》
《Xiao Tianhou and teacher Lu Xiaofeng open their relationship?》
《a“select”I sang the way of keeping love together!》