The next step is mass production!Waiting for Kobe to wear new shoes!Shine in the All-Stars!

The rest is to useeBayAnd Meg Whitman’s offline sales network,Sold sneakers。
Jordan sold for the first year1.2One hundred million U.S. dollars!
Kobe does not have the popularity that Jordan has accumulated in college,But Kobe’s performance and record are far better than Jordan in the first year!
Then the problem is coming,How much can the Kobe generation sell?
“masterpiece!This pair of sneakers,Just a work of art!”
Kobe came to the company’s laboratory,A group of designers are sighing at the sneaker samples。
“Ah,Kobe is coming!”
“Oh my God!Can Kobe sign me?My daughter is your fan!”
“Kobe, you almost kicked Jordan’s fart~Shares!Come on next time!”
When I came to the company last time,Designers are far less enthusiastic than they are now。
Their attitude changes are actually the same as most fans in the league,along with12Yue’s performance began to recognize Kobe,1Consecutive months40+Miracle begins to worship Kobe,Then Kobe led the team with a series of outstanding single-core performances,Made them a loyal fan。
The number of Kobe fans has surged during this time!This also made him break history,Fans’ vote overtakes Stockton,Has entered the All-Star debut at an incredible age。
“guys,Kobe will sign you next time!Let’s take a look at the shoes first!”Meg Whitman led Kobe to the sneaker rack。There are several pairs of sneakers in different colors。
Kobe caught a pair at first sight,Black upper,The bottom plate is purple,Sneakers with yellow logo。
Get it,first impression。
light!Too light!
The basketball shoes Kobe wears in this era,Can’t be heavy!With a pair of sneakers,It has the taste of the sneakers of later generations,Very light。