Lin Tianfu, they don’t believe it because of their understanding of Chen Xiu;The scholar didn’t believe it,Because he knows that if Chen Xiu is in the realm of true Dao,Just a sneeze,I’m dead,I don’t have to fight myself for a long time。

The scholar shouted,Hold the broken arm of the right hand with your left hand,The whole person seems to disappear all at once,I only saw an afterimage running into the woods,Those of his men also escaped from the dead。
Lin Tianfu was the first to react,Pull out the steel knife and chase after a cottage,Cut off the opponent’s head with a knife,Shouted:“Don’t stay alive,Let them go back and inform the second master of Qingfeng Village、Come here,We can’t live!”
hand machine station:
1151 bodyguard
Chen Xiu used the puppet technique to control the small sword to cut off the scholar’s arm。
The feeling of controlling a small sword is completely different from controlling ordinary weapons。
Control the flying trajectory of the small sword as long as you want to control your own hands and feet。
“How can this little sword be so magical!”
Chen corrected the magical feeling of silence in controlling the small sword,So that the scholar ran away unconsciously。