“Don’t say anything if you are a man,follow me”Chen Sanqiang shouted at Xia Jian,The motorcycle spins on the ground,Drove in a small road。

Damn it,Lao Tzu’s upright man,I need you to prove it,I don’t believe you can eat me raw,Xia Jian cursed http://www.hupozhijia.cn secretly,Niu Jin is guilty again,He puts on the gas,Which trail went in towards Chen Sanqiang and chased up。
A bump,Xia Jian caught up with Chen Sanqiang ahead,People seem to know he will come,Not fast in front。Chen Sanqiang leads Xia Jian,Turned a few times,Drove into a dilapidated factory,Xia Jian’s car just got in,I heard the sound of the big iron door being closed behind me。
The originally dark yard,Suddenly turned on the street light in the middle of the yard,Seven or eight motorcycles parked under the street lights,The other side of the motorcycle,More than a dozen young people stood,These people’s hands,Took some messy beatings,Such as hollow aluminum tube,Wooden stick,Another guy carried a rusty shovel in an exaggerated manner。
Xia Jian has a look,I couldn’t help but chuckle,What does Chen Sanqiang want to do?I have no http://www.sanyt.cn grievances with him,Not for a motorcycle,Bury me here?
“Strong brother,You guessed it right,This guy is really a desperate master,You call him,He dared to come?“It’s the guy with the shovel,Said to Chen Sanqiang with a big grin。
Chen Sanqiang ignored who,But after parking the motorcycle,Turn around and say to Xia Jian:“Come down!Since it’s here,Don’t even think about running“
Hey!I’m stupid,A radical general,I don’t know how high this day is,How thick the ground is,Xia Jian arrived at this time,I realized that things were not as simple as he thought。But it’s all here,It seems almost impossible to run out,Xia Jian regretted it,Got off the motorcycle,Parked the car against the wall。
After parking the car,Xia Jian walked to Chen Sanqiang,Cold hum:“Need this?Not just a motorcycle,If you really want,Just give it to you,Such a big setback,Aren’t you tired?“
“Less talk,I ask you,What is your relationship with He Jing?Answer honestly,If you lie,Don’t blame my Chen Sanqiang for having black hands,and also,What is your kid?I won’t explain it tonight,I’m afraid my brothers,Won’t let you go“Chen Sanqiang lowered his voice,Said coldly。
Under the street light,Xia Jiandu saw the muscles on Chen Sanqiang’s face shaking,He couldn’t help thinking,Why did Chen Sanqiang ask him this,Are these issues so important to him。
Xia Jian hesitated a bit,I said with a calm smile:“Ah!Just ask this?I don’t even know He Jing,Her classmate brought me over to buy a motorcycle,My!It’s even simpler,One small farmer“Xia Jian said,One hand,Seems very calm。
“Humph!You think i’m blind,He Jing and you know,Shouldn’t be a day or two,You are not a shit little farmer,Since I give you a face,You do not want,Don’t blame me for being polite”Chen Sanqiang waved his hand,Which young man holding a guy,Rushed up。