Huge roar sounds in an instant,The two people who have touched the gas flow instantly flew。

Along with a lot of sandstuff,The body of the three generations of Lei Ying is like broken the kite of the line.,Directly in the range of dust dust。
Huge impact,Even the body of the three generations of Lei Ying fly,Directly plowed a deep ditch directly on the ground violence。
Sudden scene,I am screaming the people around them.,But I saw the handcuffs and deer pills of this scene showed the meaning of the blind-negative expression.,Because they know that support is arrogant。 And look at strength,Obviously,I have responded to the invincible three generation Lei Ying,But I don’t dare to get close to each other.,Can only use restraint to make a long-distance output。
But the three-generation Lei Ying, who has just been in the face of thousands of ninja.,It’s actually a fist from a punch.!
“Elite raid troops captain,Water does not come to support。”
And the gods of the night will slowly go out of the scope of the sand.,Exposure of the expression。
“Is it only yours for support??”
Lu Pill is heard recently“Elite raid force”of,It is also very happy that each other can support,But support only one person,Can’t turn on the current situation at all.。
I have to know that the opposite is except for the three generations of Lei Ying.,But there are four generations of windings、Second http://www.fengxianqulvshi.cngeneration of native and two generations of water。
Their strength ratio Lei Ying,But it is weak.,Although the night can be able to follow the three generations of thunder,But other three shadows,Will not look at it??
“Originally there were many people,But I think they run too slowly.,So let them support other places.,So I only have me alone here.。”
I heard the words of the night.,Handcuffs and deer pills are straightforward。
“But the enemy of our side,Not only only three generations of Lei Ying……,Can you contact someone in your troops??”
This is completely white.,Because they don’t think,Just a person’s support,Can stop the four of the fifthally transfusion.。
“fine,It’s four shadows.,I am more than a person.。
And if you want people, I also have.,Ice·Ice franchise!”
Seeing the expression of Luhuong with his handcuffs,Night single hand,I suddenly came out of the three ice packages with him.,Subsequently to the respective opponents。
As for the lack of deer with the original place,And complete dumb。
“hehe,Four shadows……,And can I calculate the number of ice??”
The two have a bitter laughter,But still commands other people to join us to help。
Because now they have retired,I can only try to try more time.,See if there is any other support。
Night, three ice points,Ji jump into the field,I’ve rushed to the second generation of towers in an instant.、Second-generation water,Four generations of wind shadows and three generations Lei Ying。
The three generations of straightead felt a numb arm,This is the first time in the history of him, in the history of the break.。
I don’t want to be a hero.
Chapter 843 Four brigade
The three generations of Lei Ying still fell into the wind in the mear,Although the body is controlled,Don’t be independent,But I have to say that he is excited.!
As a created systemic cells,have“Thundermond armor”as well as“Hell”Such after this attack and defensive,Nothing for many years, no one dares to hard to him.。
And in front of this young man,Just just positively with him,And also let him fall into the wind。
“interesting,It seems that I have come to a good guy.,And it seems that you are also a guy who is good at using it.。”
Three generations of straits look at the nights like catching up,For the strength of the night, it seems quite satisfactory,Four hands in the hand,Also slowly gathered into three fingers,Then the body is like a Thunder-like collapse ground,Continue to super off at night。
And the night is a little smile.,Hand covered with armed colors,Fearlessly welcoming,Directly with the three generations of straightened flesh war。
And other Ninja coalitions coming,Looking at the two people playing together,There is also a constant collapse ground.,And collision formed airflow,愣 愣 无 上。
“It seems that I have come to a home home.,However, it is the same as the muscles of the mind.。