“This one,Do have plans in this regard,But just to check,No other ideas。”Zhu Minglang said。

“Even the words are the same。”
Zhu Minglang smiled,Don’t explain too much。
“correct,What is the form of recruiting your son-in-law?,Why are there so many people at the door,When we came,It’s also the same scene in front of many famous gates,Although it’s not as crowded as your Dragon Girl Palace,But it did gather a lot。”Wu Feng couldn’t help being curious,Asked about the witty words of the beauty。
“Why don’t you even know this,Isn’t it a son-in-law??”The innocent and beautiful flower dragon girl asked in surprise。
“We are just here to exchange swordsmanship with Mianshan Jianzong,I just met your son-in-law。”Wu Feng said。
“Turned out to be like this……This time of year,The men enter the capital,Then visit the famous families,Visit the people who put this little maple in front of the door,Never refuse,But not right away,But just get to know each other。Men meet the women of various families,Understand his family,Take a look,And women usually sit in the courtyard,Use various forms to test these coming men,If there is something,Will write down the name,Then use special mountain ink,Written on the maple leaf last month,Submit to the palace。”Luo Miaoyu slowly explained。
“To http://www.yumich.cn the palace?”Wu Feng is still confused。
“Yes,If it is a good man,The maple leaves will appear more frequently last month,This is what we call an excellent son-in-law。Wait till the seventh day,We will bid for the son-in-law,The highest bidder wins。”Luo Miaoyu said。
“buy?Just spend money to buy it??”Zhu Minglang asked with eyes wide open。
“Not necessarily money,If you can come up with valuable treasures,Can also。”Luo Miaoyu said。
“Like Master Zhu,Many famous ladies like it,When the time comes, you will inevitably fight with the sisters from the rich and enemy countries.。”Sexy dragon girl says。
“Those princesses、Is the princess no exception??”Zhu Minglang asked。
“of course。But the princess and the princess have strong capital,Who they are after,Few can beat them。”Sexy dragon girl says。
“You don’t need to care too much,Even if it’s http://www.jiangxilucha.cn not to be a son-in-law,You can also visit some good ladies,Our country women also admire quality men,Some women from wealthy families,Even spend big money,Just to buy a talented person to chant poems for her alone……Our country girls are very elegant,Never force men to do things they don’t want to do。”Luo Miaoyu said。
“Yes,You can also go to the countryside,It’s nothing more than choosing talents and choosing Jun,If some princesses can be、The daughter of the marquis fancy,Isn’t it a very memorable thing??”
Zhu Minglang、Wu Feng、The three Yun Zhonghe were dizzy。
But I roughly understand how they choose their son-in-law。
some days ago,The great heroes and talents went to visit the gates of those recruiting sons-in-law,But will not give any man a final answer。
It must be the women who write their names on the maple leaves,Submit to http://www.leitapp.cn the palace,The so-called bidding by the palace,Eventually the men will follow,It depends on which woman bids higher。