3 steps to bring out translucent skin


3 steps to bring out translucent skin

The beauty of the skin is from the inside out. The true rule of beauty cannot just stop spending a lot of money and energy to find the “that bottle of skin care products” that are suitable for you, but you must know how to start from the internal health of the body and go beyond solving skin problems.It is the beauty of “four or two thousand dollars” that really works.

  Whether it is a consumer who lingers in the cosmetics counter, or a feverish family who cares about stocks and cosmetics in the forum, they are keen to discuss how to make the silver on their cosmetics more valuable.

However, after careful calculation, the cosmetic products on the dressing table always piled up, but still sighed: “Which bottle should I use?

“Inventory is a waste in itself because your skin problems still exist.

At this time, you only need to set aside 20% of your energy to pay attention to the health of your body, maybe 80% of your skin problems will be solved!

  Detox: replace exfoliating cream + whitening mask + rejuvenating cream As the saying goes, the face reflects the health of a person’s whole body. When you start to purchase exfoliating products, brightening creams or whitening masks, you must be for yourselfHis complexion is dull and dull.

Expensive skin care products can provide you with the comfort of the mind and the temporary recovery of the skin. However, it cannot completely solve the problem of excessive stress, toxin accumulation in the body, and dark skin conditions.

  In fact, women must start paying attention to the detoxification of their bodies as they enter the mature stage, which is the fundamental way to prevent them from becoming yellow-faced women.

3 simple steps that will not disturb your daily habits, you can easily complete the basic detox work.


Drinking water to prevent constipation: Drinking water is the easiest and most effective way to prevent constipation. At least one liter of boiling water per day, if you stick to it, the skin will naturally radiate moisturizing light.

The beauty godfather Mr. Niu Er also announced that he drinks a small cup of olive oil every morning to help intestinal detoxification. You can borrow and try.


Crude fiber diet appetizers and detoxification: apple, vegetables, millet, barley and other coarse fiber grains are good gastrointestinal scavengers.

These foods are also high in vitamins and help improve skin tone.


Adhere to exercise and massage: Exercise promotes gastrointestinal motility, enhances body vitality, effectively eliminates waste and toxins from the body, and is the best detox option without any alternative.

If you don’t have time to exercise, abdominal massage before bedtime will also be effective every day, alternately massage clockwise and counterclockwise for 10 minutes, isn’t it troublesome?

  Liver and kidney: instead of freckle cream + eye cream + concealer, many cosmetic experts also frankly say that the skin care products on the market are basically helpless for stubborn spots and dark circles.

Chinese medicine believes that the eyes are formed by paying attention to the essence of the human body’s internal organs. When the internal organs, especially the liver and kidney, are weak, the unsophisticated skin will not be nourished, and it will gradually appear as pigmentation and eye circlesDull, increased crow’s feet in the corners of the eyes.


Medicinal diet to nourish the liver and kidney: black foods have the effect of strengthening the liver and kidneys and enhancing immunity. Black and black grains, black sesame, laver, black fruits, black chicken and so on are all good products for beauty.

In addition, nourishing the liver first must ensure sleep, and often staying up late is particularly serious for liver damage.


Point massage: Remember eye exercises in childhood?

Keep this habit after work!

Acupoints around the eyes, such as silk fly, temples, Sibai points, and eyesight points, can make the eyes always clear and transparent, and remove the bags under the eyes and dark circles. Use the work break time for 5 minutes every day, maybe you can targetReliance on those high-performance eye creams and freckle creams.

  Protecting estrogen: replacing wrinkle moisturizing cream + oil control essence + firming mask As women we all know that properly secreted estrogen can make the skin delicate and smooth, water and oil balance, is the secret formula for redness.

When your skin appears to have acne, dry peeling, wrinkles, and sagging, do not rush to hope that those oil-controlling essences or astronomical creams may cause the performance of these skins not to overlap with the skin itself, or even due to the imbalance of body hormone secretion.

Therefore, knowing your own physiological cycle and protecting the balance of hormone secretion at the appropriate time, its beauty value is far more than your dedication to skin care products.


Decompression meditation: Excessive stress can cause premature ovarian failure and allow women to enter the aging period in advance. Therefore, it is a good way to maintain the ovaries by adjusting breathing or yoga in the spare time.


Drink soy milk: Women often drink soy milk to regulate the level of estrogen in the body, so that changes in the secretion cycle remain normal.

But be careful not to drink on an empty stomach, and don’t rush into eggs or take it with medicine.


28-day skin conditioning: At every stage of the women’s physiological cycle, adjust the skincare plan according to your physical condition, especially in the week before menstruation, as the hormones decrease, the skin begins to become acne and becomes rough, you need to drink plenty of water, and you ca n’t eat itFoods that are too salty avoid edema.

During menstruation, you need to strengthen your nutrition, eat more foods containing iron and protein, and successfully go through this special period.