6 Fun Aerobic Exercise Fat Burning Showdown

6 Fun Aerobic Exercise Fat Burning Showdown

Exercise can increase the basal metabolic rate and make the body’s metabolism burn quickly.

After each exercise, the basal metabolic rate of the human body can rise for 24 hours.

If you exercise three times a week for 45 minutes each time, you can maintain this higher basal metabolic rate, plus scientific dieting, the excess lightness in the body will be effectively consumed.

If you only plan to exercise for a few minutes, the body only consumes sugar stored in the process. After half an hour of exercise, the energy consumption starts to use your aunt. The longer the exercise, the more your aunt consumes.

  Borrowing the fun of ball games and participating in those high ball games that can be enjoyed indoors in the name of trembling spirit should meet the requirements of “Dongfeng”.

  Squash can be played by two or one person. It’s not like tennis. It can hardly be played without a partner.

The rules of squash are similar to tennis. Before each person hits the ball, they can bounce once on the ground or once on the other side.

The two players hit the ball alternately, creating problems for each other until someone couldn’t save the return ball.

Do not think that you can play tennis and play squash. The separation of the two can be realized in practice.

  Consumption per second: 600 calories / hour, equivalent to consuming a large portion of pasta.

  Sports effect: As the squash court is small, the ball speed is fast, and the course is unpredictable, the participants must pay full attention to speed up the reaction and movement.

It exercises cardiopulmonary function, muscles, joints and ligaments. It also greatly improves the improvement, coordination and softness.

Moreover, according to foreign sports medicine experts, the amount of exercise and exercise effect of squash matches between players of the same level at the same time are 3-4 times that of tennis matches under the same conditions.

  Fitness ball fitness ball is suitable for all people to exercise, even those who need rehabilitation treatment, you can also consider a rehabilitation tool, its fitness effect is good, especially for the spine and pelvic exercise.

It is relatively safe during exercise and is not prone to injury.

  Consumption per second: 340 calories / hour, which is equivalent to consuming a “blizzard” of DQ.

  Exercise effect: fitness ball can improve people’s flexibility, strength, balance, posture beauty, cardiopulmonary function.

Ball exercises help you to train your whole body muscles, and the waist and abdomen weight loss effect is the most significant.

  The first billiard table in the world of billiards appeared in 1400. At the baseline, the prototype of billiard activities was to dig holes in the outdoor ground, and use a wooden stick to drive the ball into the hole.

The movement was later changed from suburban to indoor tables.

From the development of court aristocrat games to today’s competition, entertainment, and beyond, billiards have a tenacious vitality.

The current game of billiards is snooker. The two men’s goal competition is calm and tense.

  Consumption per second: 90 calories / hour, equivalent to consuming a cup of milk tea.

  Sports effect: the most exercise of observation, make people more stable.

  Bowling is also called “ground bowling” and originated in Germany.

The bowling ball hits the bottle along the boardwalk and is very challenging.

Ten years ago, it was one of the favorite sports of urban people. Now the people involved are relatively relative, but it is still a combination of fitness and entertainment.

In the past, it has intervened in the means of business communication. It can make friends during the exercise and will never be affected by the weather, because there is no open-air bowling alley today.

  Consumption per second: 180 calories / hour, less calories, equivalent to a small bowl of white rice.

  Sports effects: Bowling can not only promote health and physical fitness, but also exercise one’s will and improve one’s psychological quality.

In addition, it is an aerobic exercise, long-term exercise, and also has a weight loss effect.

  Hockey Hockey is a sport in which a team of six players uses a stick and a hockey puck to play.

Shoot the drama on the goal of the game.

It is an exciting sport that often involves physical contact during high-speed movement.

The ice hockey is played in the indoor skating arena. There are boards around the ice rink, and there are separate goals. There is a goal area in front of each goal.

The course is divided into three equal areas by two blue wide lines.

The middle zone is the neutral zone, with a blue badminton ring in the center, and four other points in the other two zones.

There are not many hockey players in China, and most of them are exceptions.Relatively speaking, sports injuries can be very large.

  Daily consumption: 700 calories / hour, which is the highest cumulative consumption of indoor sports, which is equivalent to consuming a piece of ham rice.

  Sports effects: Ice hockey trains players in strength, endurance, speed, skill, decisiveness and bravery.

  Golf In recent years, golf has been called a storm in sports, and it has attracted almost everyone who thinks they have a little golf charm to the golf course.

Now it ‘s still a bit cold to play on the main shaft. It is recommended to go to the semi-open air driving range to find the feeling or practice the accuracy of the wedge.

The sports that were once called aristocratic sports have now been compared. The price of buying a house and renting a venue is not much more expensive than tennis. Once learned, it may be addictive.

  Instant Consumption: The micrometer consumed in the driving range is much more than that consumed on the field, about 360 calories / hour, which is equivalent to consuming a bowl of preserved egg and lean meat porridge.

  Sports effects: The etiquette on the court is temporarily unavailable indoors, but the swing is very helpful for training the upper body, especially the waist and arms.