Meridian massage pinching skinny calf

Meridian massage pinching skinny calf

The calf is thick, so that many girls miss out on upskirts and boots. What should I do?

Skinny calves can actually be done easily. Try meridian massage to lose weight!

It’s simple, just follow along.

  [腿]   1. The right leg flexed and stretched, and the left leg flexed naturally.

Place your right elbow on the thigh where the bone joints connect to the pelvis.

Gently punch with the right hand, hold the right hand down firmly with your left hand, and make it strongly stimulated.

If the upper body is swung forward while being pressurized, the effect of weight reduction due to the weight of the upper body is more obvious.


Move down to the bone and massage the thick bone.

Massage the broken bone with the thumbs of both hands.

Massage down to the arch of the foot in the same way.


Invert the right leg and massage the muscles on the outside of the thigh.

Use the lower half of the right arm to push from the pelvis to the orientation.

The muscles on the outside of the thigh are very developed, so gently swinging the upper body back and forth to push and rub, the effect will be more significant.

If the arm is not close to the thigh, you can use the thumbs of both hands to push and rub.


Lift the anatomy and massage the tangled muscles in the back of the thigh.

Use four fingers to massage the middle part of the entire muscle from the pelvis to the bones.


Starting from below the starting point, use four fingers to alternately massage the front of the calf.

Simultaneously push your legs and stomach with your thumbs.

Massaging legs that are prone to fatigue due to our own weight and gravity can even relieve their fatigue, and it can also stimulate the meridians, such as liver, gallbladder, bladder, kidney, etc. connected to the legs, thereby promoting visceral function.

At the same time, you can shape a perfect body.

  [脚]  1. Massage from the soles of your feet toward your toes.

Massage the other side in the same way.


Hold the right foot with both hands, use the thumbs of both hands to point to the center of the sole of the foot (Yongquan Point), and then rub it towards the heel.


Based on the center of the sole of the foot, its duality must also be rubbed.

The tension in the soles and arches of the toes will be relieved.

Feet are small bodies!

Therefore, massaging your feet can relieve fatigue throughout your body.

Especially for those who often walk or sit and work, and those who are too redundant and put too much burden on their feet.

Hope that women wearing high heels can also use this method often.

Using both thumbs, gently step backwards on the deep part of the foot (arch).

Hold the sides of your feet and use your thumbs to massage the area between your toes.

Massage from ankle to toe.


Use your thumb to massage the area just below the cheekbones of your feet.


Using the palm of the right hand, start with the metatarsal bones and replace the upper bones with friction.

  Eliminates congestion, which prevents leg swelling.

At the same time, metabolites can be excreted through the kidneys and fresh blood can be injected into the heart.