Health town Pingshui: Green water, green hills, Jinshan Yinshan


Health town Pingshui: Green water, green hills, Jinshan Yinshan

Pingshui Town, Keqiao District, keeps in mind the development concept of 鈥淕reen Water Qingshan is Jinshan Yinshan鈥?, and regards green development as the main axis of Pingshui development, focusing on the goal of 鈥渂uilding a characteristic town and realizing a green rise鈥?to promote green ecology and green.Production, green life deep integration, is committed to building Pingshui into a leisure, tourism, livable “slow life” characteristic health town.

“A piece of maiden drama, where is it out, out of the hustle and bustle, Shaoxing Pingshui Douqiu feeding.

Douqiu has a bit of Sister Cui, and her sister’s Pingshui is a garden feeding.” When the singing of Shaoxing Lotus “Cui Sister Back to Herm” sang in the homesickness of Pingshui Wanderer, the green pearl of the southern mountainous area of Shaoxing is getting more and more beautiful.Out of its radiance – the industrious and intelligent Pingshui people, with their hands guarding the good ecological environment, interpret the concept of “Green Water Qingshan is Jinshan Yinshan”, and create a “shougang of Shaoxing big city construction, connecting Shanghai and Hangzhou cities” for Keqiao.The bridgehead of the circle “contributes strength and composes a story of rural revitalization that achieves a green rise.

From the former “backcountry” to the present “health-characteristic town”; from the simple relying on the sale of tea and bamboo, to the modern agricultural winds; from a previous mind to work, to the current rural tourHot. In the 40 years of reform and opening up, Pingshui Town has become a sample of mountainous development in Keqiao District.

Look closely at the development track of Pingshui Town’s gravity to develop the 鈥済reen economy鈥? In terms of releasing green productivity, there are many highlights such as the provincial tea industry cluster and 鈥淗aifeng Flower鈥? in the strong ecological economy, Jinyuwan scenic spot, ifYeshanju Homestay and Xiadong Drifting are popular among tourists from all over the world; in the construction of beautiful countryside, Wanghua and other villages stand out in the 鈥淔ive Stars 3A鈥?creation; in the stimulating development vitality, the idle rural houses crossing the intersection of Lushan are leading the city.

“By practicing the concept of ‘green water, green hills are Jinshan Yinshan’, farmers no longer enter Baoshan empty back, but planted a ‘cash cow’ at the door of their home, and use ecological development to turn the green resources of their hometown into cornucopia.

According to the person in charge of Pingshui Town, in 2017, the income of local residents was 26,755 yuan, with an average annual growth rate of 10.

4%, an increase of 63 over the end of the 11th Five-Year Plan.

8%, in the process of rural revitalization, the goal of peasants getting rich was achieved.

Huaxiang is a strong green economy and has risen to Zhejiang Haifeng Flower Co., Ltd., which is stationed in Pingshui Town. The base is full of modern greenhouse technology, and the flowers such as chrysanthemums planted in the greenhouse are full of vitality. In the processing workshop, the workers are working in machinery.With the aid of a bouquet of chrysanthemums with a bouquet of Yangtong, elm and other bouquets, the entire space is filled with a touch of floral and busy joy.

鈥淗aifeng Flower鈥?is an agricultural enterprise that integrates chrysanthemum cultivation, processing and sales in Pingshui Town by attracting investment in 2016.

It has the largest chrysanthemum monomer planting base in Asia in about 1035 acres in the plain water territory.

At the same time, expand the development of planting base projects, revitalize the surrounding low-efficiency land, build an online sales platform, develop and cultivate sightseeing tourism projects, and build a mixed rural and rural project.

“Developing the green agricultural industry is one of the means for Pingshui to achieve a green rise. ‘Haifong Flower’ has brought new possibilities to the farmers in Pingshui in promoting modern agriculture.

The person in charge of Pingshui Town said that 鈥淗aifeng Flower鈥?adopts the 鈥渃ompany + base + farmer鈥?planting mode, and implements 鈥渞ental return and package, five unified, and the bottom of the income鈥? that is, the company transfers land and provides all facilities and equipment.According to the capacity, the company will return the greenhouse area of 5-10 mu to the growers. The company will arrange the production plan, unify the technical operation standards, unify the management, unify the materials, and unify the acquisition. The farmers are only responsible for the field management; if the loss is caused by force majeureThe company guarantees the income of the farmers and allows the farmers to get rich more than the guarantee.

The tea fragrance overflows with Pingshui and the Shanxiang reporter learned that Pingshui Town is currently building the five major agricultural product cultivation bases in the east, west, south and north. In addition to the 鈥淗aifeng Flower鈥?chrysanthemum planting base, there is also the eastern Wanghua hundred acre mountain vegetable base, south.Thousands of acres of Pingyang provincial tea industry cluster planting base, western Wanmu Tongkang bamboo shoot planting base and rice planting base in the central 10,000-mu grain production function zone.

Among them, the planting base equipment of the provincial tea industry cluster area which is closely related to the town of Pingyang Village is concerned by tourists.

“The tea shoots are full of Zen, and the pines are really sound.

“This poem by Su Dongpo describes “Zhangcha Pingyang” as appropriate.

The layers of green tea gardens, and the ancient temple of Pingyang, which is full of legendary ancient drums and drums, let visitors talk about it.

On the weekend, Pingyang Village will welcome a lot of cyclists, so that the quiet and quiet village has a little more casual fashion sense.

The fertile soil of Pingyang Village is very suitable for the cultivation of tea. In history, Pingshui Tea was once famous in the world. Today, Pingyang Village has also become a construction base for Keqiao District to build a tea industry cluster in the whole district.

Investing 30 million yuan in the tea industry gathering area, nearly 10 kilometers of tea garden cycling road construction is nearing completion, 1000 square meters of entrance plaza, Qingshui Temple, Qingtang Reservoir cascading, cycling road rest point, nod of mountain gazebo, green clothThe installation of street lamps and the construction of sidewalks have been basically completed. A new Pingyang, which has both the ancient taste of Zen tea and the modern atmosphere, is ready to come out.

“The change in Pingyang Village is due to the knowledge of Keqiao District on Pingshui Day Casting Tea.
鈥?According to the person in charge of Pingshui Town, Pingshui Day Casting Tea is one of the famous historical teas. It has been listed as a tribute since the Song Dynasty. In the Qing Dynasty, it was specially developed in the Pingshui Rizhu Ridge to produce 鈥淵uchawan鈥?The tribute to Emperor Kangxi.

Relatively speaking, the Keqiao District Agriculture and Forestry Department has introduced the Pingshui Japanese Casting Tea through many interventions, which has made it famous all over the world. It has also brought benefits to Pingshui Tea Farmers, and has made the scenery of Pingshui Town into more people’s vision.

At the same time, just recently, at the 3rd China Tea Town Emeishan International Tea Culture Expo, the site announced the 鈥淭ea Town Tourism Boutique Line 鈥?Autumn Health to Tea Town鈥?initiated by the China Agriculture International Cooperation Promotion Association Tea Industry Committee.The final list, “Ochan Tea Ancient Road, Japanese Casting Tea Cultural Tourism Line” is in the list, including the counter area of Pingyang tea industry, has become the first beautiful agricultural tourism line in Shaoxing.

The farmhouse Xinjing Village Tour is full of red and welcoming thatched cottages in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. If you go to the Ruye Mountain Residence in Pingshui Town, you will be enchanted by the beauty and beauty house here, and send out the feeling that 鈥渢his is the homestay鈥?
If Yashan Residence is connected with the Jinyuwan Farm, it is located in the mountains, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and is sought after by Shanghai and Hangzhou metropolises. It also attracts the favor of foreign friends.

Last year, the mountain residence passed the transfer of about 600 acres of land, built a five-star standard mountain villa, and equipped with comprehensive accommodation facilities, is the latest high-end homestay model in Pingshui Town.

According to reports, starting from 2016, Pingshui Town occupied 2.

With the construction of 7.0 billion beautiful rural areas, the beautiful economy came into being.

In 2017, the town piloted the promotion of idle farmhouses in the villages of Qilukou and Wulian Village, and renovated the farmhouses to build the homestay. At present, the town has gradually built about 300 beds.

As a cross-road village in Shaoxing City, the pilot village of the idle rural farms, the other homestay attracting tourists, transforming the Shaoxing Carved Mountain Leisure Resort project with an estimated total investment of 100 million US dollars, the 鈥渟pike point鈥?and the 鈥淔ei Lada鈥?railwayThe rock climbing sports project has become popular in the Shanghai-Hangzhou metropolitan area.

The 鈥淔elada鈥?railway climbing project is a new outdoor sports project introduced from abroad. By using the steep and steep mountain rock wall natural resources of the Carved Stone Mountain, tourists wear safety helmets, body belts and iron handrails.A climbing cable, such as a fixed cable and a foot pad, travels through the steep and steep mountain walls in an orderly manner.

But a year ago, crossing the intersection village is still a quiet mountain village. There are 88 villagers in the Laoshan Natural Village, but in fact, they often live in insufficient funds, which is a veritable 鈥渉ollow village鈥?

Today, 34 households with a total of 68 houses have been rented to the village through the idle farmhouse activation plan, and then the village is packaged and subletted to a professional tourism company for development. This village has a new vitality.
“In 2018, our village increased the collective income of 300,000 by revitalizing the idle farmhouse.
In addition, we have a total of nearly 200 acres of tea mountain flow.

Whether it is the development of Chashan or the construction of a homestay, it has brought more opportunities for the villagers to increase their income.

“The village party branch secretary Rui Ruiqing said that their village has attracted people’s news, China News Network, financial sector financial channel, Zhejiang Satellite TV and other news media reports.

Beautiful rural scenery and picturesque scenery, the first batch of 鈥渇ive-star standard villages鈥?and 鈥?A demonstration villages鈥?were released in Shaoxing, and 10 villages in Keqiao were selected as 3A-level scenic spot construction demonstration villages, including Wangshui Village in Pingshui Town.The village is becoming a microcosm of the revitalization of villages and villages in Pingshui.

Wanghua Village has 2 county-level cultural protection units (Wanghua Temple, Songjiatai Gate), and 3 county-level cultural protection points (Xinruixing Taimen, Datun Temple, Rizhi Temple), which is a famous tea town in history.Known as “Chinese tea culture ethics.”

Twenty-five years of Qing Daoguang (1845), Ruihua tea stack opened by Wang Huaren Song Zhourui, which exported more than 100,000 tons of Pingshui tea in the heyday, and was praised as the 鈥渂ig python鈥?of tea manufacturers.One of the stacks.

Wang Hua is excited by tea and is fragrant because of tea.

In the beautiful rural construction, the village takes “five stars up to standard, 3A striving for creation” as the starting point, with the theme of “tea fragrant and quiet, tea people health”, relying on the natural resources such as tea garden and bamboo garden in the village, Gutaimen, ancientIt is located in the ancient village features, as well as the origin story of 鈥淧ingshui Day Casting鈥? highlighting the brand of tea fragrance Wanghua, focusing on agriculture, tourism, developing rural tea merchants’ economy, farmhouses and other projects, with 鈥減roduction areas changing attractions, products changing gifts鈥?, the house is changed to a homestay”, and explored a road of industrial development in the integration of agricultural tourism.

Riding the bamboo poles, riding a bicycle to watch the bamboo sea, walking through the bamboo forest.

In Pingshui, Tongkang Village has long been known as an attraction village.

Tongkang Village has 鈥淕reen Forest Bamboo Sea鈥?Park with a forest coverage rate of 90% and high negative oxygen ion content. It is a 鈥渘atural oxygen bar鈥?for forest baths. It was approved by Shaoxing Forestry Bureau as a municipal forest park as early as 2012.In 2017, the provincial forest park was selected.

According to the person in charge of Pingshui Town, the 鈥淕reen Forest Bamboo Sea鈥?Park has bamboo landscape, checkerboard stone, bird’s mouth rock, Jinniu Cave, Xianren Cave and other natural landscapes and the hometown of Sansun, Baihe Hall, farming and family, forest trails, etc.There are more than 10 cultural landscapes, as well as four seasons of bamboo shoots, bamboo art workshops, fruit picking and other scientific and educational sites.

鈥淎nd the bamboo shooters here are also in the construction of beautiful villages, because of the beautiful economy that bamboo produces.

The person in charge said.

(Keqiao Daily reporter Xu Donghai) 鈻燩hoto courtesy of Pingshui Town