Eat more white porridge in the morning can prolong life

Eat more white porridge in the morning can prolong life

Congee porridge for food, the original salty sweet glutinous rice is the lowest, thick and thin are suitable, but as a health, according to Taoist, Buddhist, health home, the experience of the doctor, it is best to eat white porridge on an empty stomach in the morning.

  Cao Tingdong, a famous health-care house in the Qing Dynasty, was sickly young and never lived in the countryside. He was sent to the village between the mountains and rivers. He studied mechanics, paintings and poems, and became a literary writer. His book “Siku Quanshu” was also used.

Cao Tingdong has enjoyed a long life in his 90s because of his medical environment at that time. He has become a health story.

And Cao Tingdong also combined the ancient people’s health experience with their own practical experience, and wrote it as “health essay”, named “old and old eternal words”, old, old, old, old-aged, old-fashioned, enjoy a healthy and longevity.

Cao Tingdong’s article in the book “Morning” said: “Everyday fasting, eating a light porridge, can push Chen Zhixin, Shengjin fast stomach, the benefits are not fine.

Such as mixed with salty things, that is, ordinary diet.

“It is clear that if the porridge is added to other collaterals, it is equal to ordinary food.”

  Sun Siwei, a medical scientist of the Tang Dynasty, studied medicine because of his illness, and he used the wisdom of Buddhism and Taoism to maintain his health. He lived in his 100s. He is also known as the white porridge in the morning.

In addition, the traditional Chinese medicine porridge, using “rice gas” and water for “drug introduction”, according to the “biological clock” of the internal organs, to regulate the body and treat diseases.

  There is no refrigerator in ancient times, and the porridge is cooked at a gentle temperature and ready to eat.

Nowadays, it is used to fill the hunger, the porridge is cooked, and it can’t be eaten. It is placed in the refrigerator. When you want to eat it, boil it and add other accessories.

However, as a morning porridge for health, it is still beneficial to be cooked.