If you pay, you will be rich.


If you pay, you will be rich.

“Your son is here.

The nurse said to the old gentleman.

But before the man’s eyes opened, she had to repeat this sentence several times. He was seriously ill because of a serious heart attack last night, and lost some of his consciousness. He could only see a young man wearing a Marine Corps uniform.Shaped, standing next to his bed.

銆€銆€The old gentleman’s hand, the naval soldier used his powerful hand to hold the old man’s weak hand, gently pinched it, the nurse took a chair, and the tired soldier was born at the bedside.

銆€銆€One night, the young naval soldiers were sitting in the dark ward, holding the old man’s hand and saying something to cheer him up, but the dying old man still said a word, but he was weak and weak.The hand, the noise of the oxygen pump, the snoring of other patients, or the noise of the night shift staff entering and leaving the ward did not affect him. The young man stayed at the bed of the old man all night.

銆€銆€When the nurse came in to visit the patient every time, he always heard the young man comforting the old man softly. The night was long. On several occasions, she would advise the young man to go to the break, but he was rejected by him.

銆€銆€Before the dawn of the sky, the old man broke his breath. The young man put his lifeless hands on the bed and left to find a nurse. When the nurse pushed away the old man’s body and handled the routine, the young man stood by and looked at the nurse.When the returning ward wanted to comfort the young, the young soldier interrupted her words.

銆€銆€”Who is that person?

“he asks.

銆€銆€The nurse was shocked and replied: “He is your father!


“The young man said, “I have never seen him.

“When I brought you to see him, why don’t you say it?”

“I think someone made me make mistakes when I was on an emergency. Because there are two people on our team, they are from the same town. The serial number is similar, and they will be sent to me.”

“The young man explained,” but I know that the old man needs a son. His son is not here. He can only say that he is so sick that he can’t recognize whether I am his son. When I realize how much he needs a person.When I was around, I decided to stay.