Ben Wallace suddenly rushed forward at halftime!Barkley missed,The basketball was stabbed by Ben Wallace!

Eddie Jones galloping,Three steps to pick up the basketball,One-handed dunk!
Chapter Three Hundred and Twenty The big dream of carrying the team
“The game was in an anxious stalemate more than a minute before the opening.,Several offenses or mistakes by both sides,Or be defended,No score!And as Kobe made a difficult three-pointer,Ben Wallace made Buckley mistakes,Eddie Jones dunks,The Lakers made it instantly5Lead!”
“Kobe’s teammates are very excited today,Ben Wallace actually let‘Flying pig’Charles Barkley deflated!This may be because Barkley is still battling injuries,But Ben Wallace’s performance is absolutely excellent,Several defensive predictions,The enthusiasm of flying back and forth with the audience surprised us,I seem to see a combination of Rodman and Oakley!”
“have to say,Kobe Bryant brought the Lakers two draft picks this season,Really surprised a lot of experts。Just be a qualified starter,Now I can harden Barkley?Do you believe it was signed by West with a minimum salary?”
“The game continues,Who will keep holding the ball?Jim Jackson and Charles Barkley both expressed a lot of pressure,The ball was not dribbled at halftime。”
“Olajuwon!Hakim Olajuwon personally advances with the ball!”
“One2Meter10The left and right big centers advance with the ball!”
“Although this scene is not uncommon,But every time I see it will surprise people!”