Don’t care if such bragging is a bit outrageous,But after all, everyone feels,This is a good thing with a face。

therefore,This8Line up at o’clock1000Multiplayer team,Is proof。
And there are more and more people in line。
In the small noodle shop, the most can be squeezed30personal,There is still outside30High stool,That is one round50people。
Eat the inside slowly,Because they can see Shen Huan,So reluctant to leave。
Eat the outside faster。
I can’t help it,Thousands of people looked at them with piercing eyes,I can’t hold it without a big heart。
Average,It takes time for one round15minute。
Shen Huan has developed so much that he has to fry two pots almost at the same time,Fry five servings in one pot,And I only fry Pian’erchuan ingredients,But still very busy。
So the two deputies Xiao Zhu and Xiao Chen,Just help make Yangchun noodles、And those smashed noodles that don’t need to be fried。
But because everyone is here for Shen Huan,So Shen Huan can only bite the bullet,Put coriander、Sprinkle chopped green onion and other side dishes on top,I think I have completed the last process。
At first a girl was still making trouble,“I don’t eat coriander,Why did you add it to me?”
Auntie stared at her,“Xiaohuan added for you,Don’t want me to clip it for you。”
“No no no。”Seeing Shen Huan nodding to her,The girl suddenly refreshed,“I want to eat!I eat everything Shen Huan gives!!”