Xu Sheng faced these three sights,Indifferent“Sect Master Ning,You should have heard the tragedy of the Blue Lightning Tyrant Longzongmen being destroyed?”

Ning Fengzhi’s pupils were slightly startled,Cold tone“so what?”
Xu Sheng’s mouth is slightly tilted,Lightly“Wuhundian calls this action the Soul Destruction Action,And the organization of this operation,It’s me!”
With Chenxin and Gu Rong,The pupils of the three people shrank,Secretly surprised“what??”
Chapter One Hundred and Sixty One You are too naive!(Subscribe)
What they were shocked was not the so-called Soul Destruction Operation that Xu Sheng came to command,But this time,Blue Electric Overlord Dragon Sect!I didn’t find the body of a soul master in Wuhun Palace!!
If it is said that the spirit master of Wuhun Palace cleans up after death,This kind of massive casualties,Wuhun Palace will never do such meaningless things!!
That also means,The soul master who destroyed the Blue Electric Overlord Longzong Sect Martial Soul Hall this time is less than double digits,Even a soul master had no casualties!!!
And Xu Sheng said at the moment that this soul-killing operation was commanded by him!Enough to see his terrifying talent in command!
Chenxin took a deep breath,Cold tone“Kid,You tell us what to do?Or……Did you come to my Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School to show off?”
Gu Rongxun gave Xu Sheng a look,Seriously“No matter how strong your Spirit Hall is,Our Seven Treasure Glazed Tile School will not be afraid!”
“Xu Sheng,What do you want to express?Have mercy on our Qibao Liuli Sect??Or,You are willing to let us go?”The next sentence,It’s like Ning Fengzhi’s mockery。
Xu Sheng’s eyes filled with disdain,Slowly“The destruction of your Seven Treasure Glazed Glass Sect still makes no sense to me,I care about Rongrong……”
Seven Treasures?In his eyes it’s just dispensable,As for the word mercy,Ning Fengzhi and the three are just thinking too much……