NS2270chapter Trip

Summer leave,It is not equal to the three sand events.。
In a sense,He is also quenched in the middle。
Deeply deeper felts and confrontation,It has always been cloudy。
For example,Is the ear home only because of the emperor??
For example,Significant sound is initially seen on the plane.,Not recognized,But not long ago,But I am willing to exchange summer safety in a secret.。
Which one is only revealing a law enforcement woman,What role is playing behind,Really just just to see the lively?
A lot of。
Just all this,It seems that it has nothing to do with the summer.。
He has left Sansha City with Victoria.。
However, Victoria did not follow the summer to go to Changan。
She informs the summer,Will http://www.azhihua.cn take advantage of Huaxia New Year,Walk around and play everywhere。
Here,Summer is not retained。
Back to Changan Li family,Has arrived at 8:00。
I quickly saw Liu Qingqing and Li Laozi and Li Jia.。
After all, today’s first four,Li Zhai is in the atmosphere of the Spring Festival,After a greeting with the old people,Summer returned to the room。
“Summer,Are you OK。”
Although summer returns,But Liu Qingqing can see it.,Summer is full of exhaustion and stagad,Face is also a big pale。
Liu Qingqing naturally doesn’t know what happened.,I don’t even know that summer went to Sansha City.。
Into the summer to worship his comrades and elders,Some of his emotions。
“Nothing,Just some tired。”
Summer shink,Say,“I will live another day tomorrow.,Go back to the capital?”
“Listen to you。”
Liu Qingqing nodded very happy,Sink,Also,“Yesterday, summer sisters came to me.,She also said a sentence,Say if you come back,As soon as possible,She seems to find you something。”
Summer laughing,Know Xia Xue is also worried about http://www.fullwellteaxm.cn yourself。
This night,Summer sleeping is deep。
The next morning,Get up early,After washing,The slession is straight to the small wood behind the manor。
The old man is working with Li Po, and the old man is playing Tai Chi.。
Ten old people have neatly uniform,It looks like a model。
After the summer, I have greeted everyone.,Also standing on the side of the father,Follow the Tai Chi。
After a moment,Everyone has received success.,The old people have scattered。
There are only two people in the field.。
“Can live back from big summer home……”Master pointed to the front,Signature of the summer to walk around,At the same time,“Your luck is not bad.,I have prepared a granddaughter outside the granddaughter.。”
“Me……”Summer 龇 龇 龇,“Grandfather,No you talk so much.。”
I know this thing for my http://www.361robot.cn father.,Summer is not surprising。
Changan Li family is also a hidden family。