Go own!
Some people present in the scene。
This moment,They clearly have a movie slow motion。
That fist is like a big hammer,Routing a arc in the air,Ironing out a ruthless。
Be right。
Along with a crisp with a bone and a scream,Hand’s right leg,Just like a dead wood——Since the intermediate anti-joint break。
Bai Senson bones puncture the pants in the air。
No matter how this hand is huge,Summer a red arrow,Flush。
He is in the moment,Aerial kicking five legs。
“boomboom 砰!”
“Ah ah ah ah ah!”
Five handsome shouted in the scream。
Bombard,Summer feet heavy land,Instantly fight out a punch。
The hand behind the right side of the right side is to hold the head with both hands.……However, there is no effect at all。
His arms are like wood.,In the break, it is heavy in the center of the head.,The whole person suddenly turns around,Soft fell in a cold ground。
He broke into the crowd again。
Tattoo brittle bone crack。
Nothing stop in one second。
Miaoi,Du Cheng,And Jack supported by Ding Wen……Everyone,All over。
This youth in their vision,It is simply a magic who is cast by steel.,It’s unstoppable。
I have never seen such a brutal and violent scene.。
Fist,Leg,Knee,Elbow……He kicked his foot in the crowd,Hit,But people who are approached by him,Nothing is broken。