Weekend stock market,Chen Linzhi does not think too much time,Successfully turned over,What is your entanglement is to add a position?,After the gambling will fall after opening,Continue to hold the present hollow position,Continue to wait and see a few days。

Win money, dare to gambling,Dare to bet when you lose money,Instead, you will make up for it.,The most daughter,Human mentality is such a wonderful。
He is more than two hours.,Combined with many materials on the hand,Repeated consideration of the problem of Jiazang,Until“Pull”This option,Thoroughly not considering Chen Linzhi。
US stocks just opened,Empty order in the futures trading market。
However, as the stock market is changing,After big fall, began to pick up,Many investors feel that just just technical faults,The stock market is not really collapsed.,So the futures market、The option http://www.xiaokuifushi.cn market is again active,Some people choose to sell empty single contracts,Some people will retaliate in the gambling market.。
Considering that many investors use high leases to trade,Don’t look at the Dow Jones Index Today, I will fall about three percent.,After the lever is enlarged,Compared with cost or several times、More than ten times high profits,Like Chen Linzhi, the big family is a few,Fishing a speculator of the running road。
Chen Linzhi did empty stock options in the US stock market and Microsoft’s stock options,The total funds used are not more than 80 million dollars.,In other words,Today, his return rate exceeds 40%.,Already called very good,Fill in the previous month of a month。
Two sleeps,Look, Long Ze, who has already slept beside him.,Chen Linzhi decisively found three Pudao,Decide to continue selling http://www.beatscn.cn the Sales and the Nasdaq Index。
The Dow Jones index of the problem was deliberately avoided.,The Dow Jones Index futures hollow position is relatively high.,Less than a week,Fill this money again。
Fifteen times small lever,40 million US dollars close to Nasdack Index Futures Market,Two thousand millions of dollars close to S & P500Index futures market。
There is nothing else to match the position.,Mainly Chen Linzhi thinks that the Nasdaq bubble is more,Defelling ability is not as good as the old sign index and Dow Jones index。
Tokyo and Hong Kong City have long been,It is estimated that the opening day is another day.“Hurricane”,Large probability, no chance admission,I am not familiar with the European stock market,So I chose the empty position in the Exchange of New York.。
Arrange these,Direct transfer of the contract,Waiting to Nomu Village Securities New York Branch to help complete orders,Already nearly three o’clock。
Chen Linzhi called wake up fascinating,This is only back to the hotel to continue to rest.。
This woman is sleeping.,After returning to the hotel, Chen Linzhi said that she wants to sleep with her.,Changze is not refused。
Waiting for her to fall asleep again,Chen Linzhi still smashed,Things to consider many problems in your head,For example, the hidden danger exposed by the New Handling。
If it is put in the first half of the year,Even if the extension system has problems,Most, will not cause panic falling,Now the bubble is really too big.,Investors have no confidence in their hearts,Today, this drop is reduced.,This big drop will be rendered on the newspaper.,Timer more panic。
Another is that although this time a financial matters join hands,Avoid the stock market to fall too fast,But this practice is undoubtedly a snowball that blocks from the top of the mountain.,They retired after step by step,Snowballs are getting bigger and bigger、Get more。
Besides,This financial crocodile has long been busy escaped,It’s hard to say when you are in the city.。
Any, according to the feedback results given by Noy Vasix New York Branch,The total scale of the US stocks is suddenly increased,It is estimated that there are many problems in the stock market.,I want to take the opportunity to speculate……
I have been waiting until the sky.,Chen Linzhi。
I took my head and analyzed myself.,I feel that the success of the grasp of probably has a 70%、Eighth,Plus a time difference,Next Sunday index、Hang Seng Index Large Probability,Can contribute a profit as a chip to continue gambling。
Want to clear these,Pressure reduction,Sleep quality is very good。
US stock 虚晃,It seems to be in a calm。
Intercept,The Dow Jones Index has fallen by 3% five seven.。
San Francisco,Fabi is busy communicating with investors who care about assets,Tell them not only lost money,Also earned a lot,Try to increase the news of the empty position,Most of the feedback is supported。
I personally found Chen Linzhi,Say the two of the two people who want to withdraw funds from the empty class plan,It is very silent for this.,It is estimated that the performance of the rabbit probe and retracts in the hole.,Not worthy of letting them change ideas。
They didn’t ask,Fabi is too lazy to call them,Anyway, temporarily not lack of funds in hand,Is there any $ 10 million?。
Joint private placement,In short three hours, more than 20 million US dollars,Chen Linzhi gave Faba-An,But Fordian still has some bunch of hands,Can’t really let go。