By my life Articles

Part one: take my life longing for a taste, like drinking a cup of cold water, then drop by drop cemented tears.  —- Chu Xing Guo late at night, tossing and turning.In this day, waiting alone in the homing of love, meditation or listening raving soul, tap memory window frames, so that water like a gentle thoughts turned into a graceful and passionate character, dressed with the night wind, blowing in the quiet deep night sky.That year, the Red if the dream, time to clean and shallow, fleeting drunk, soaked party hot spot, you just turn around, is my life’s horizon.Glance, innocent faces of the children had been filled with sentimental fleeting, subtle fragrance floating in Love Lane, crumple past, hang some cruising in the Spring and Autumn several times, and you hold that moving a smile, still glamorous, in plain white memory of the river, Dangqi rain ripples.Remember that is how one encounter, so that you and I met in the sand li graceful text, perhaps this is the so-called fate, some passionate words but also affect each other tender emotions.I have not met you, but never familiar, like old chums for many years, talked about writing together, vision for the future, you say you admire my words, my words obsessed with your kindness and sincere personality.Message of the Language, greeting, pouring enchanting blend with each other hearts, glittering a share of love.  A moment willowy and shallow thoughts Hee ya, can not help but imagine you in a dream, pleasant face, a white dress with a simple and elegant?Long hair flowing?There are a pair of charming eyes?Anyway, in my impression of you is always so elegant and restrained, like a dense flowers, filled in every corner of life, like an angel, with my left and right.  Yu’s seen “by my life,” lamented water like the years to come, there is always the heart of the most beautiful sweet.Memory stranded, fingertip across the beautiful fleeting, so gone.Closed his eyes, mind you, but frequent smile slender, swaying in the wind and rain of the season, time gaps, the feeling is so happy and sweet, but also as Eileen Chang said: I was looking for the kind of feeling, that in the cold day, he gets a pair of warm hands, practical sense to move forward.Now, in this passionate night sky, stick a miss, for ages.Reviewing the past, air-to-month, the night silent, lingering affection.Thoughts of you just like a seat Meng, temperament and if the nectar dripping water, stir my heart not Gan Pingjing.At the moment wish time could stay a while, even after reaching captures streaks month-hui, slowly covered with heart, quiet looking out the window broken in one place dancing shadows.Think carefully, who stars in the vast, endless thoughts breed?And who flies these years, broke into your beautiful heart, charming you this dust of the world?And you piece of pure land is my life, holy and flawless, rich fragrance.If the dream of glass, mottled memory, but forget the time actually carrying once past happiness.  Long journey, a big crowd, how can such happiness and no sound pass?As Guo said, happiness is to find a warm person over a lifetime.Extraordinary day record those moving bit by bit, narrating the life strange, but not when I look back someday, lamented that he had been standing on the farthest away from the summer flowers look into the distance.Night cool earth, but also it soaked my thin body; years of quiet good, but also a place of drunk Canmeng.And I’m still waiting quietly in the initial origin, crossing your gaze appeared.Postscript: Millennium bridge side waiting, can stay forever in exchange for this life; commitment oath of years, can be honored in this life to the old days of shortage?And you are willing to take my life?    Part II: Love life, lend me too light, I dare to say a lifetime commitment, I only wish you could take my life, I owe you a debt life after life, when looking back at the sunset together, we may smile.Willing owed to bear in this life, you can not say that I have nothing, you can not say that I am empty-handed.- Inscription diverse of the earth, everyone is walking with some much alone, such as fish and drinking water, Lengnuanzizhi.And on human well-being to the extreme, than the men and women of a feeling word.It is said that God created men initially, and later feel lonely man too boring, so take a man’s rib to create woman.Since then, everyone initially incomplete, from the moment of birth began to find their other half.Yet not humanly possible, nor accept dominant, so not avoid anyone, who is also able to escape, whether it would be willing, dies alone in their own way, the eyes always unconsciously more often search, although we all know, no matter how walking is the same thing, just different scenery.Some linger in the moment, there is always a thought disturbed subdivision came out, he or she will be next eyes, like a dream that many times, picturesque started slowly, then oil wall car, Tsing Ma Cong, flapping and to do?  I think carefully settled life is also quite desolate, unexamined through the youth and frivolous, quiet time looking at this moment their survival, this front is unpredictable aspect terraced rice paddies, and is gradually being years behind weeds flower diffuse submerged vast wilderness, whether aromatic incense or a barren, we can only stand in the moment, for the first look into the distance or look back Changwang.Life will always have a lot of crossing, most of the time we fly, busy hastily snatched, in the end all rub shoulders passing.Just wait behind hand in hand, just maybe one step ahead, the man has not yet come; perhaps too late, only to see a receding figure.Fortunately, the road is long, we have every reason to believe that in fact already met and so on in a corner, just waiting for you close to a number, and then close to some of.  Youth and secluded increasingly negative hustle and bustle of the Red, in fact, there are too many induce a confusion.Have many times imagined what that encounter will be dressed in costumes from Costume slowly, I watched her a little close, and then be connected to the moist palms, everything without words, like natural.And this is a legend, even in the imagination.Xu is the scent of ink to meddle in my hands the old Kam Man stranded volume is Love Lane, looked sigh when you come hand twist orchid sweet, then I’m surprised eyes gradually from a fan, you can not tell what is from the book in the way, or to go back to that quiet air of glowing ink Tsinghua shallow rhyme; promise you this is overturned makeup, black hair waterfall woman, Qianyindichang spring flowers in full moonlit night, a thin wisp of curl as voiceless a rhyme soft hoofs broken my wandering.The red at the intersection of a season leisurely falling over my cheeks, stained with moonlight fall on your plain skirts.So it goes, your youthful eyes, I do not have no room to stop.Everything seemed a pleasant surprise, and seemed to be expected, this is such a plot, are somewhere already arranged a.  After all, this is a met or came in February with a flower hair clip spring rain pattering.I remember that when I was sitting on the train to return home, you say “drunk drink in March, dreams dyed peach”.I’m an ignorant, seems like a reunion, heart flutter every night for a thousand miles of railroad tracks.The original of this journey I really can not escape the doomed, just like the train tracks Qin Zhu, is for ever and can not be changed interdependent.My life to go on its own orbit, the shuttle for several years, only to encounter you reach this intersection, just my way back in February Spring Fever!Yes ah, Spring Fever, destined Spring Fever, waking spring, and people have drunk.  So I have to treasure joy, I fell in March peach blossoms decorate your fudge places where alcoholic poem, a pillow apricot spread, pick fragrant spring tea dye your waking Hsin Yun eye.Purest mood bloom season, when thousands of miles fragrance only wish you the chill of the cool early through the eyes still have more beautiful scenery, heart field there will be a touch of warm jade quiet day of faint smoke Man filled rope.I think you are happy, you say that this is a gorgeous really make your lives, in fact, why I want you to look askance.I just want you to understand, far, far away there is a faint warm candle and your distant relative, exudes warmth this spring the first, just to let you in when you can overlook the night sky and this is a temperature gently shake away, then consonance period of living in harmony with the mood of the open, yes, so, enough.  Read your text, full of fragrance over, I prefer a graceful heart that her daughter inside, revealed, is so soft, it is so moist, warm as if it will be a grip of her hand into.Inspired by childhood you jump again and again beat say over the hills, is the grandmother; you spoke with capricious and tearful Jiaochen Dad, I love you; you tell the gentle murmur of a warm as that candle carnations; stroll your heart in Love Lane, said to himself text, music and dreams.I saw a woman prime heart like water in the spring months glittering, subtle fragrance floating in Mae Lan slowly recovered from their minds.So hard, so focused, so no one else, this moment, the dead of night, pale blue, light daughter.And I only wish to do so one of the most distant star, quietly looking at you again and again Spring flower hair.  A meteor fall off the earth, will be there with it too long because too attached too warm thoughts.The break even timeless, only this moment a fuel burning have no regrets, so only the dazzling flame of a gentle rain falling and pierced the calm of the night.Hsi has said in its cliff watch millennium, as in love one night crying shoulder.In fact, this road has been leading you, but I unknowingly, unconsciously walking holding me until you leave too, I have been unable to dodge when you had to hit a full.  Bowl how good, then it will not have all the later.Unfortunately, I finally say later.However, I found the intersection maybe just a beautiful mistake, when I catch on arrival, and you have to wait for the old.What someone else blurred eye watchman, when a handshake, missed already cast.And seemingly chaotic storm like Zala, but has been unhelpful.If you can, regardless of wind and rain confront, regardless of bustling dying, I just want to bring your hand and walked side by side staring you in the end of time, through the red dye to make the vicissitudes of the setting sun.Yes, as long as you are willing to.What there a wait to be afraid of the vicissitudes of life?My questions have not yet completed the hundred thousand turn back the question mark, you have ended up with a sigh stack of empty days echo swing.I was born is not, I was born old monarch.The red leaves when that was finally settled in the foot, only a pain in the hearts of Churan: after all, you and I have not completed the moon in the water flowers in a mirror in myth.Sauna net send you back to the years that one already belongs to you leaf green, orange, eyes me like water through your thin shoulders, in front of the warm spring sun reflected in your soft flowing hair.I picked that one leaves this junction, it is true, bloom again, the context was clearly visible.I guess I should be happy, at least I can send you the most sincere eyes walked into the fingertips of happiness, at least I can do While dyed deep red autumn frost leaves hidden in the deepest diary page.So when I white-haired, in a sunset down to that evening when I was in the land of intoxicating exudes warmth in open yellowed Youth Commemorative, a write all over the vicissitudes and still a clear dark red gently slide context, the wind blooming given my warmest smile.If you can, please let me remember you, remember your every smile, every one teardrop, remembered the gentle break and Yan, remember winter night clean snowman, remember the sea of purple butterflies flutter leap, remember the Cubs played nice and warm innocently sing in a clear show of song.  Honey, you say go in the river of youth, handle, life is.I know we do not promise lightly, because life is too heavy, too light promise.However, when you finally leave, I would like on the beach, write a name in your back, and then the first white copper heart, this parting of the ferry crossing, with my sincere every time allocated to find that Kate face.This life the same boat, but only for a period of bitter past life that practice, which is hidden in the deepest years of secret.  Honey, I did not tell you, if it had missed, I was willing to lend you my life, I promise you warm, then also you life after life, I promise a long marriage Executive praying hands.Honey, I did not tell you, if the next life, I will travels thousands of miles, only to find that the old, tightly holding in her hand, never betray, do not miss it after reincarnation.My dear, I do not have many things to tell you, just want to let it ferment in the silent years, a hint of deep mellow drifting away your breath if one day, you gently smile, my blessing will be in your mouth slightly curved metaplasia that a purple butterflies, fly your life lightly every seasons.    Part Three: By my life, one of many world this road is very long, long, long I have come so far, and I have been too long a nineteen.Yes, nineteen years old, can be considered a lot of experience of it!But, it seems like I was still very fragile.Fragile, so I would like to borrow the glory of life, I promise of reincarnation.Maybe I really want this.  Thinking, how can take my life, I promise I.I want to struggle again.But, it seems that this so-called life, and I’m not going to have much choice, only in somewhere, let me down, pain, despair.correct.There’s a happy, happy, hope.  Maybe, once I inadvertently thought about, I thought about for a long time, a lot of.I think, dead nice, you should really nice.All in all not a sad feeling, do not care for anything, so you will not be painful, even though life would be something, you know with me.But, really, I really do such a relief?  Ironically, I remember I used to own “promised” full of curse “promise”: Students may not enter hell, the dead will not be admitted reincarnation.So, I think I’m like a messenger from hell, armed with no Bana, no oath on the Sansei stone, absolutely full of evil.Just simply a product of evil, I hate everything.But I just hated myself, damn you, die a thoroughly.I miss as I have also said the same: If time could inversion, let me turn into dust in the most primitive original state, disappear in this world.And then turned into those tiny particles, quarks, or it is not known sixty-two kinds of particles, antiparticles, graviton.Ups and downs in the space-time universe, I no longer have me, without me.  And it seems to me this is it, I was a hated man in all.  However, the real.Who would not want to live, live a free.Who does not want happiness, but God is never happy for anyone manufacturing.If God really gave the happiness that is often aimed at undermining the.So I hope you are happy, because happiness is to pursue their own.You do not value, it will slip away.Even when you go I do not know, because you never know how to cherish.Like clouds overhead, you just looked at it, and did not pay attention.It is also silent fade away, take away the possibility that unknown.  Yes, it seems to me a very contradictory person, tangled it all.  It was also said that I was a fool.But I think if I were an idiot and that nice ah!I do not care about those real life, past, present, future.So in the colorful world, I like unrequited love black and white space, no other extra complex color, single life, left the troubles, dirty.No longer pay attention to the rest of what has long been washed away hope.Not only put, everything.No longer attached.Just want to go on like this simple life.  Perhaps, as the saying goes Buddha said: “When the ice cold water, warm when melting ice into water; Wu knot by nature when fans when Wu Rong heart by nature.Human nature is the same, but some differences according to Miwu.”Oh, good words ‘human nature is the same, but some differences according to Miwu’.Unfortunately, I probably just a stray who hate do not know when Gordon.Gordon could miss the season, he missed the memories.Or, I would like to pour ice, where runoff; I want to melt the ice, it turns warm.I have not even remember how many nights I eyes closed, I could not, I was crying, anxious to put himself to shreds.In warm blanket, put themselves huddled to force the Wujin own, until I can not breathe.Let hypoxia was not thinking, to numb my heart.Let the bed temperature and evaporated to dryness to everything, my blood, my tears in the.No longer let wet eyes, to see the whole world in tears.Seems to be saying this, I really wake up, I have a family, have friends, classmates.And now I face everything, it has a strange feeling, although still like this.I like a person, not like a shadow temperature, will live forever in the back shell without sunlight, even after the turn, only to undertake humble fate.In no time the Dark and Light, floating alone in another time and space to tell the story of a sinful life.Only a shadow, you can go to ignore everything, any change, quietly close to the ground seems brighter world, listening to the sound of breathing.It is so long and clear.In fact, really, I do not want this, I never like to let others see my tears, I would rather have people think I am heartless happy, do not want to seem poor wronged.This is who I am.So I smiled and looked happy.  But in this day and age, at both ends of the hourglass.Endless and merciless destruction, life will be all good things, the drop became a barren desert.Irreversible, thirst, creating a life of ruin.This is probably human beings always said self-love.But unavoidable harm the survival of the world, is not that the word.You have to smile.  I’m tired, so tired, I hated myself.  So, maybe I was trying to avoid, I began to focus on my writing, it was said, like the text of the people, there will always be so sad.I think about those so-called happiness, just to smile at people’s feeling, without knowing the feeling behind.After quietly while watching life long show, with pale writing words to humble youth, a man quietly in the corner, though we cried all the sadness to calm the heart of the ocean.Calm, can sometimes really is such a terrible quiet, a life lived walking around, ushered in the vast sea of people, only one person in the reverse journey.In this way, I gradually regain some of its original habit I.Some students say that you do not lonely?But me, I think that what is lonely.What is lonely.For me, it seems not a thing in respect of.No, it’s not a thing in itself.I’m just a lonely man.You will never bother a heart.  That’s just part of my own heart, a will never, as they like that is ridiculous, deep in the remarks, but shallow attitude.And I am lonely I can always maintain the attitude and random identity.I do not want the mask of hypocrisy is necessary to survive and live, at least for now there is no need.I live in a small inner circle, most real feelings and emotions, is my black and white world.Only a lonely heart, not what you say lonely beating.A straight figure, is the most real I remember a story.  One day, I met a soul of aging on the road, barely afloat.I asked him: Are you hungry?He said: My dream is to eat, do not eat for a long time already.I ask: where did you live?He laughed: this fall to worry about, do not you see, the streets are so many body without a soul.  Really, I just wanted to talk about, these attitudes of our life is really a sad.Our youth are so right?  Admittedly, I hope I will never be like this, I want to struggle, not to squander the youth.I like to take my life, I used to fight.  Now.The drink tea, overflowing bitter taste.A ray of tea products, knocked breathing frequency.Now turning to, with hard work bloom sunshine after the rain, there is always a rainbow of light.To throw the burden of travel, desperately ran forward, I want to fly.  I want to forget everything, and everything was.When a new beginning, and then by the time of my life, it’s possible to win.In this article has come a very long way, there is a long long way, waiting for me to go.  I promise, borrowed life, no flowers no fruit may.Here, I take life.    Part Four: Buddhist borrow my life had a saying “Life dedication are two things ‘Wait’ and ‘regret’, blowing hot and cold fleeting, only one thing alone – too late.”.Simple happiness, by my life, only “pity” and “security”.- stride by my life, nothing exciting, with enforcement landscape horizon; take my life, step by step, travels glow of dusk; take my life, A smile, hold pregnant raw cold winter night; .Too late, fleeting withered death, many stories and promises to become once.Scattered into the dreams of flowers, a clear outline submerged in the solitude of the moonlight.Ann, offer themselves for all time.  Sunshine is grace.Meet, is a grace.I remember one couplet “Jushui month in hand, get flowers over clothing,” there are so many ‘accidentally’ is somewhere doomed.Accumulated habits, passing every journey, every landscape, like a sand, dust left behind, how can I stay own pace.  By my life, but unfortunately, hurried encounter, easy grace; Ann, staggered memories, do not mind.  Each story has a passer.Or, pass rush; or, a brief smile; or, hear a word of light falling; or, somewhere not stop Qiannian.Never lose a never ending story, every place to landscape.Or to have him ink landscape, but the vicissitudes gentle heart; or to have her, lingering misty rain, an umbrella waiting for execution but silent obsession; or have him, still waiting, one of the ends of the earth silent willing heart pain ; or her, and the light smile, a human heart has long pamper every word, but do not mention the breach; or he.might have.As he, like she, passing yet?Time flies, please stay slightly, falling a wandering heart, leaving it parked in that window, waiting for a gentle dream.  By my life, he met a.  Not a word out, he would gently nod, touching moment, and read all of May the hearts.Regardless of fame and fortune, whether secular, gently holding her hand, look at outer space Yunjuanyunshu.Asaka tinge, sunset twilight, the horizon can be traveled with him.  Winter snow, burning fire, as he gently pour a cup of weak tea, dependent, poetry can chat, chat may recall, relative silence warm; cold spell in the night, cut a candle, as he gently add a warm quilt, accompanied , sorting piles of ideal, hard physical exertion, pamper accompanied; when to Xia Yu, Executive palmistry, owned quietly in a small window, leans, listening to the rain fall, to see flowers, Dimei, Review , smile, long standing; when the autumn, the banks benches, leaves a place of desolation, trembling with heating, actively look down once in the four seasons of a single word.Small wish, that kind of hard to.  By my life, I met a unfinished story.  Never guess the outcome, a he, a she, for some time.Blank met before, slowly together to share; after a grace met with good care.In this way, slowly, to the old, the days of famine.  Simple happiness, a little heart, a farming, small floral, doomed, and that is attracted to Allure, turning back; simple happiness, have just a little like that, from the beginning, and now, to the end, are as the child of two people, just a old, a weight loss; simple happiness, accidentally encounter, believe the ends of the earth, accidentally marshes, she was only one of his, but he also only one of her.Such a life had to offer themselves.  Equanimity, met, I believe.

By King lyrical prose

[Part One: Northern winter landscape!] Winter winter is cold at night on one side of a mirror, revealing a trace of cold.In this predicament season, always very deep impression.  If someone asked me what kind of season like it, I would not hesitate to answer: “Winter.”I do not know why, I was always curious to winter, I always cherish special feelings for winter.  Curious about the winter, I did not understand, and I just felt it was somewhere a lifeline to involve us together, and it’s like a magnet, but I was just a small ball of light, it got close, I it will be pulling in the past.When it can pass, I will lose angry, only like a deflated ball.Perhaps because I was born in winter, and I should be like winter.But it always puzzled me, one winter, will somehow be touched.  In my view, the advent of winter is the peak of memory, in the winter days always inexplicably rope gear affects from my memory.I have this fallacy is to get proof of my friend.So in the winter days, I attach importance to pay special attention to every kind of things.In the winter, my heart is always very heavy, especially during bad weather, but occasionally feel excited when.In the winter, sometimes I could not even they themselves would unpredictable.  In winter, always dizzy and fell, perhaps it is hibernating day.But yet I do not want to give up my life.Such a beautiful day spent with sleeping, not to feel it, too wasteful, so I will not be reconciled.After only one year of winter.But no one any good winter pastime, I always blame meditation.However, meditation and sometimes there are new discoveries.  If you must remove a season in four seasons, in addition to winter, no matter what the season disappear I do not care, I do not like places like spring.Because it is too monotonous, in my sense, spring, summer, autumn three season seems to be the same, God is to make winter to decorate them, I sometimes think that if the winter is not how to do, although if you really no winter, the earth still turn, people still have to live, but I thought, really a bit scared of.  I was so love winter, but it’s always like a dream for me.Dream start hour is fall, spring Exhale.Late fall unwittingly into the winter, and then unknowingly stepped winter, entered the spring.I always felt quickly spent the winter, but tried to think up, no matter what especially happy.  Winter is the season I can not get such a mind, one that makes me love it have a special feeling of the season.  [Part II: blue] blue, for everyone, is no stranger, perhaps a lot of people like it, I am no exception.  The vast ocean with deep blue heart, floating in the vast blue sky reverie, cute baby blue dolphin with vigor, charming covered with noble crystal sapphire blue.It’s all in my mind constantly emerge.For nightlife net like blue, not say why.Is a kind of feeling, people comfortable, free.I had a habit of watching the sky.Memory, rural skies occupy my childhood.At that time, the door is toward the blue sky, the vast fill my eyes, there are too many reverie.Why the sky is blue?That is where the blue end?What’s behind it is it?I do not know, but ignorance cut blue add a bit of mystery.Sometimes a few clouds floating by sheet, significantly more air out of one hundred at and reflected blue, crystal.  Later he left the village, came to the world’s steel and concrete, although there are overhead sky, to feel, not the former patch of days, have become more gloomy and less transparent, have become more flawed and less crystal.Perhaps age, for fantasy blue sky is also reduced, busy in Xuehai, trying to hurry forward, but often forget to head and looking, above the original as well as an attractive sky.Perhaps, when he lost it when wandering, looked up at the sky, Jing Xiaxin think about it, so you do not get lost.  I like to decorate their lives with a blue, even surrounded by darkness, but also can see a hint of blue, some say, the blue symbolizes hesitation, deep, can not own it because there are always bright blue the sun appeared, life need light.I like it, like it’s clean, it’s quiet, it’s free.  A touch of blue in jump.Did you see that?At that time a hope, the hope of life.Hopefully, every day, sky blue.  [Part Three:] sea ship slowly moved forward, the days are moving together followed.This time the word for a brighter future really have some understanding.  Head wind blowing, Qinru heart, cool, put a little away hot summer.A sea rolled up layers of spray, spray blossoming, just as cheerful children chased each other, enjoy the vastness of the sea Sahuan.Wind from a distance brings many dust and dirt, wantonly thrown into the sea, the waves rolled them, the magic of changing a new face, but kept his blue color, maintain their beauty and clean,.  Everything floated at sea often piles of slag waves, ocean engulfed it quietly, without a sound, still Dangzhuo slight wave, smile greet flying.Sitting on the ship, as the head passes over the sea, and the sea we care too tall, too rejoice send us another one-way drive back and immediately turn the steamboats ruffled hair finishing cis slippery, without leaving a trace.Quietly looking at the sky.  Rivers flowing to the sea, the sea pleased to greet, holding their hands, cheerful ran to the vast center of the river in the sea immediately have a broad harbor.Trickling streams, sea day and night to become a member, and therefore torrents toward the sea life, the infinite sea had broad appeal, so the stream so persistent.  Accept all kinds of sea combat, accepted numerous ups and downs, has experienced much change history, but did not leave any traces of history, without leaving a man’s foot, she unchanged from generation to generation, the years and years still, he kept his appearance, stuck to their principles, to accept the ever-changing world of the vast hall with a chest of all things, watching the well-being of the world with the same eyes, through the seasons with the same pace.  Passes through the sea, eyes looking at the sea and the local day phase, you see, the sky is so low, the water is so blue, blue sea on the waves in my heart, heartbeat slowly, leisurely, there is an indescribable the comfortable, like no heart clouds sky, wide, quiet, and gradually feel alive how good.  From the sea to the land, watching came across people who are so kind, so kind, roadside fried cake pan, then The yellow cake in the dance, smelt, farmers are stacked along the road of that frame vegetable verdant, rolling the leaf surface also drops child, full of fresh vitality, all the world is so meaningful.  The vast sea is really magical, tolerance is this sea of mind, is this sea of spirit, the soul of the sea.It hosts many ups and downs in the world, it cleaned up everything she wanted erosion of dust dirt, always use the flat side facing the mirror every day, the ever-changing sky.  Often life will be a lot of disappointments, in fact, all that unhappy, like drifting objects at sea, accept it, hold it, swallowed it.Able to forgive everything, everything changed, everything is calm, all is over.  Why life is too demanding, cherish the immediate possession, in front of the owner becomes a pleasure.Understanding the error, the error will not come back to you and then away, tolerance, tolerance of others will himself.  People often facing life smile, life will often laugh about you.After returning from the sea, the sea that the vast momentum often flashed in my mind, facing the sea, furrowed brow slowly spread.  [Part Four: spring, and the line and beat] wonderful season, played in the spring colors, rebirth, to plow and sow, Mother Earth is feeling the stretch, stepping spring rhyme, marching years Andante, with very passion, to marry peach blossoming Qingdouchukai.  —- Inscription March wind, blowing wake up fresh green branches, Yan return, such as a thin sharp wings shears for cutting out light Stir wedding dress, a mining Yefen Fang, pull ray warmth, will turns warm atmosphere full of Zen.About the sun as the day I get out, much of the colorful beauty, my heart revenue.  Gone through a winter, faded white coat, a mind quietly piling up, confusion and fear, messy footprints, a person will be airtight thoughts hide, but there are still a handful, often breathing in the silence of the air, I know it was a touch of sadness, a melancholy agitation, frustration and flawless sigh, who, while accepting the pain and suffering, vulnerable to not breathe, no amount of comfort, but also soothe not panic mood, not easily It is to touch and memories, full of fear is a snap, once cracked, can no longer hide close.  Looking back a trace of information, the spring is getting stronger spring to mind images in print, slowly touch, shallow Pro mode, colorful flowering magnolia flowers showing off the most enchanting charm, Mama out of the window a light green, facing wind, stretched affection, thousands of bright flowers, bloom blossoming poetry, soft light stays in the palm, dash Wife.  According to the spring style, going out, forced to feel canola flower dyed patches of golden expectations, known to have been about one or two, or run or laugh, casual and pleasant, subtle fragrance surplus sleeves flower sea, we have beautiful figure walking through life, more of a hope, and a little overgrown thought, would a simple heart, handing the spring of this piece of heaven and earth, watching the flowers bloom cycle of interpretation, look at the distant smoke curl rising.  Review time a promise, no matter how much wind and rain came, more ups and downs, as long as our persistent together with a grateful heart, walking harvest warm scenery, the quiet lingering warm out a section in the years flowing in heart warmth episode, the ups and downs of life, silent flowers, flowers Xie silent, is a continuation and sublimation, wonderful time, know how abundance mood, lonely time, Yan Liang discarded Dankan.  Gently pick up the years of quiet, a window tidbits, warmth of heart overflow, the mind into a wan Su Hong’s heart, rhyme dyed miss the distances, the moon looked like you, think of your gentle whisper, as if soft lips, kiss my hair breathing room, lined with sentimental memories, I think with you in this season of spring, breathe my name, hear the wind singing, tours, floral scenery, the wind had aroma, listening to the rain next month, paint a light flow of hot and joy of life.  [Chapter five: wind dough, sweet rain], “good rain knows the season, when spring is here.”When the spring began to faint in the streets quietly flowing together, want to apply the new Green wrote at the time, the first rain of spring could not wait to come to this lovely world.The rhythm, like a broken pearl, affects my heartstrings.  Drizzling rain, Cecil strands.Walk the river trail alone, the wind was blowing from, mixed with rain naughty, chaotic thoughts blew away my worry.Like birds came out, I was enjoying the caress of nature – like a mother’s gentle, motherly care.I breathe the breath of nature, slightly moist soil brewing smell of flowers, there is a refreshing feeling.  After the baptism of rain, riverside unknown wild flowers, had been a lure breathtaking photo, like a shy girl’s tears, a sight to behold, slim, but even that king of flowers Peony thirds have less.  Breeze head, that river is the chant of white willow have, fluttering false, he says can not tell, and hearing unknown Xu, each wire is Liu Fei Xu of a semicolon; catkins danced being naughty Yu Dianer riding on his neck, falling enjoy playing on the water.Fish also lost and lonely, race each other in a world of their own free to swim in.Fold under a willow, tease it happy fish, the fish seem to be frightened by this sudden thing, is starting a beautiful arc, a big fish “splash” and quickly jumped into the water, put a piece of Der played fragmented.I could not help laughing.  Look at flowers, look at the trees, look Look at the cute fish, unfettered clouds, everything between heaven and earth are so refreshing.At this point I also like a spirit between heaven and earth and everything between heaven and earth belongs to me.  Spring million class free competition!In the embrace of nature, I work hard to show your true self.I think Lile Wei in the “my castles in the air,” said the sentence: “Nature is a natural giant painting.”Indeed, the beauty of nature are endless, and everyone is just a little color on the painting masterpiece painting Bale.  Since the world is so beautiful, so what reason we do not do it hard feelings?Busy work, the rhythm of tension in our day fighting for the cause, for the life of busy running after, whether it should be closer to nature and more, to enjoy the natural beauty of endless it?  Cool rain back to my thoughts.Thanks to nature, thanks to its blessing us with beauty, it gives inspiration to thank our lives.  Think of it, I no longer complain about cumbersome things, I seem to see beautiful rainbow waving at me.  Standing in the wind, despite gentle Rain continued to fall, sweet.[Chapter Six: Spring Zai-Yang] “Spring Zai-Yang, there are Ming positions G”, which is a poem in the “Book of July”.Zai-Yang, refers to the sun started to become warmer.Positions G, it is warbler.It is such a simple word, to express the people’s joy, including but not exposed.The advent of spring, the sun warm, harmonious world, oriole flitting merrily in the forest.This is a line of warm poetry, when I recite it, have a heart and eyes full of spring.  Some days have been the beginning of spring, I remember the day before the beginning of spring, and I said to my wife, tomorrow I want to eat spring rolls.And added a sentence to say, the beginning of spring to eat spring rolls, there is the old folk custom, called spring bite.I like spring and customs related.The beginning of spring is an old solar terms, according to historical records, as early as the Zhou Dynasty there to meet the “spring” of a grand ceremony.Three days before the beginning of spring, the emperor began fasting, to the beginning of spring day, personally led his ministers to the outskirts of spring, pray for good harvest.I guess, the beginning of spring day Spring Festival customs, is likely to spread from the civil official ting, because only the people will be so concerned about solar terms.Moreover, the old folk custom of spring, there are many, such as stickers Yichun character, hold spring feast, etc..Unfortunately, these traditional practices failed to properly inherited, at least not in our place.Spring, spring is coming, the year began, how in the past, how many troubles, all to let it go, come, let us begin anew, years gave us a new opportunity, in the spring, we fresh as ever.  Beginning of spring day, I eat a really delicious spring rolls, stuffing is diced vegetables to rice, fried yellow exciting moment, delicious.”Spring to the earth’s roll,” Who is this, then it must be out of the mouth of a folk poet of the old bar.Ground rice dishes, scientific name of shepherd’s purse, cold.This comes from flood or ground rice dishes on the ridge, fragrant, slightly bitter, reminds me of the people, think of the mountain, I think of those simple days.Hardy ground rice dish, thin body, swaying in the wind, it all winter quietly grows, a little bitter, a little cold, it does not matter, you are not the first to perceive it in the spring.  A Sunday morning, bright and sunny, I rode a bike to the river alone.Taohua Xun yet to come, the river has not come up, however, in the spring of the river is full of vitality, it flows a lot faster than ever.River lengthy, Long Beach pan Bi, willow smoke cage.Only when you are alone, you can fully feel how warm spring sunshine is.Not only is the skin’s surface, but go to the heart warm, like one kind of returning to the sincere emotion.In the warm spring sun, the thought of his one called “in the south,” the old work, there are so few words: I forget let me say: I’m just a grass this life I saw only water and sunlight “spring load Yang Ming have positions G “followed said, ‘female executive Yi basket, he Weixing compliance, Yuan seek soft mulberry’, those who wear plain linen garment of mulberry woman, holding baskets, sections came on the outskirts of a small road.In a speech in Yingge Yan, those taken to the basket, it is early spring mulberry leaves, fresh or sun?  The sun still warm as ever, but it oriole, those spring singers do, where they are going to fly?A lot of birds are gone, there is no oriole spring a little lonely, a little lonely.Who also the arrival of spring, we sing a song to it.  Spring Zai-Yang, my heart waves.Natural world, the universe, light Huse mountains, trees, grass, sun and rain, all people no reason to feel enlightened.Jiaxuan said: “I see more than charming Castle Peak, Castle Peak to see material I should be the case,” the secular world, can make people feel charming moments, warm moments, however rare, at the same time, and how short is.  [Part Seven: My Landscape] life there are many beautiful bloom, round after round rainbow bright, brilliant fireworks bloom again and again, a watered with blood blossoming flowers, beautiful scenery show a wonderful life.  - Inscription My scenery is very simple, that one leaves freeze.That a daisy blooming moment, that any rain is falling across the wonderful, all the scenery along the way I, as much because of the hardships of life, spiritual consolation is the scenery en route, the scenery bit by bit those to heart It will be able to open the sunroof mind as I started living journey.  If I say that the running of a person, just to goals, that is undeniable, life repeat itself short time, so I ignored the scenery along the way, just because of my dark soul blindfolded skylights, scenery my mind has long been forgotten, others will play to the climax of life, to become a beautiful landscape, the landscape is such a pace I stopped running, ending a life Hune.  They will surround me, little shining warm my cold heart, I had to polish the tiny flowers with closed eyes posture, eyes overflow with tears.Like the regret of wasted time, I Jingleng standing still, inexplicably flustered, my world is so pale, waves of painful episodes sting me, I pay worth it?The gray sky withered flowers, like I did in mocking emptiness of the landscape, I am confused, I landscape in which?  I drop off from the world I will wake up the morning dew, dew glistening fragments emerges childhood, that is still me, but has a different heart, tender words warm the hearts, hands propped up a little kindness my heart shook, the door suddenly shot blocked dazzling light, the moment the shackles of years suddenly disappeared, more more scenes flashed in my mind, I smile, open heart filled with joy, that I have too much of the scenery.I have so much oil to create a beautiful landscape.  My scenery is very simple, really simple, just thin hands, the risk of a feeling, this is my landscape, I suddenly found suddenly a piece of dark world once again got the blessing of spring, the blossoming hearts are blooming eruption of love, the breeze gently blowing, this is my sky and dialogue, through the haze, the sun on my windowsill, weak voice, sing the most brilliant expectations, in fact, we have been working with landscape I am with my world at the moment spring.  I found my landscape, but for me to become someone else’s landscape is the most beautiful, I want to be in life the most beautiful scenery.  [Part VIII: in those days the snow] always remember the snow of winter, test scores down, there were numerous floating outside positive sky snow, on the balcony, the students were delighted to meet this winter elves hand, I feel only dejectedly sitting in the cold and empty classrooms, one after another defeat, has hit me was miserable until you came and gently said to me: “went to see snow, okay?”Long time no so much snow down too, looked cheerful in the air flying snow, people can not help but think of the sky because of the wind catkins, remembered the spring of hope.I think, if I had not made a proud swan ugly duckling suddenly turned back, I never go into your world, you had talent, weekdays are masked by the appearance of indifference, your aura, are the difference is you could not cover poor results.  Exam more lines in the past, and my confidence was a little bit of corrosion decline in performance, I will not and you went to the balcony watching the sunset and listening to you talk about something I never would have learned something in the book, because I use their last effort to struggle, but you pretended not to see me more and more indifferent attitude towards you, still sincerely encouraged me, I always believe that you own but because their own reasons, perhaps family conditions the reason, take the initiative to drop out, that night, a man quietly clean up your desk when you’re carrying heavy bags out of the classroom, buried calculus think I should have failed to send to send you.  Exam is over, when I came out from the examination room exhausted, I actually received your call, you told me that you also test two days nervous excitement, because in the examination room your only friend.Listening to the familiar sound coming from the microphone in a strange city, I first felt a kind of distant and sad and melancholy.  I thought that time can dilute all, you are just a brief moment in my life, I will forget you, like many thought it would be easy to forget something as unforgettable, can not afford to flush the river years of friendship you’ve ever intensive care.So, whenever the snow falling again, seated alone I would strongly fantasized about a hands gently on my shoulder, a voice said: “Go and see it snow!”But the dead will never come back, because of guilt and hope and modified thoughts will become more intense.  Originally, we get along just a few months that my life should be the coldest day, but because of you, and have the warmest memories of a lifetime, I think you said a word: friendship is a mutual attraction feelings, because it is scarce.  Friendship is an identity that both sides are equally pure and equally beautiful hearts, only really pay, never owe at all, winter is the season of ice, and sincere friendship, never frozen.

By BB’s machine

REVIEW those years is the mother of the mother paralyzed in bed, his wife came back from Russia also had no job to go to Russia did not earn any money, thanks to my family life.        Nineties a few years ago, I engaged in paper sales unit, is doing field almost every day to go out, run stationery store, ran the printing plant, but with no communication tool is not, equipped with a BB machine, or digital.My bird BB machine is the child of her grandmother inside the Radio and Television Department to buy, it took two thousand eight hundred, it was my brother in law to use, and later because I need to use temporarily lend me.    1993 father in hospital, I accompanied his father in the hospital, not the sky several classes, but can not delay the business, after all, is a dry field, so do not go every day to the unit, but businesses have to do, how to do business?BB rely on the machine.The father in hospital and never came out, passed away in hospital.So I take a lot of father in the hospital the day, I find a lot of business units only through the BB machine, as long as the BB machine rang, I knew the sale came, quickly found a phone, but fortunately there is a public telephone outside the hospital, fairly easy call.Business units to a phone, you have to hurry back to the phone, the time delay for a long time, people will find someone else to do.The sale of the one that is anxious stubble, do not worry you will not find.If you can not find the business unit a few times, you do not call back to the people, then the future of the business will do well, people will not trust you.    This time my brother in law with BB machine or borrowed, he still can not afford BB machine, nor is it even afford to buy right away, not so good now buy mobile phones, mobile phones are sold everywhere, no relationship can not buy of.    At that time most cattle B is Big Brother, and it took about thirty thousand dollars to buy a Big Brother, Big Brother is not more readily available, it must have relations, cellular phones are generally doing business boss.At that time I know a few owners have cellular phones, the big guy to stand on a table, really impressive.In fact, at that time Big Brother is 9 prefix, four or five miles from the city to have no signal, holding that thing is a status symbol, the effect is not how to use the phone now can not compare.    After a few years it would only small digital BB machine has been with me all the time do my waist, regardless of where to have followed me, Beijing Ninetowns four, Datong, Daxing, Changping, running more than a place, go so far, no BB machine does not work.Ever since the BB machine but also a troublesome thing, BB machine from the heart to the sound of anxious, anxious to have to find a telephone; if it is by bus, halfway BB machine sounds, no way to call back.My only BB machine is for repairing business, because they can not return phone calls promptly wasted a lot of buying and selling, or even lose a lot of customers.Often took the bus to get off to find a phone halfway, to get through the phone, the caller said: looking for you for a long time do not return phone calls, I found elsewhere of stock.That means that: Do your goods up.Sometimes the mountain back home, around the home also have my family business, but after a signal Summer Palace, BB machine is not so good, sometimes people come to me, my BB machine did not respond, really delay the thing.    In 1994, the family spent five thousand dollars to install a phone, because I do a field, do not go out when at home, this call is also convenient.No phone when the canteen had to run downstairs, and quickly call back.This time do not run downstairs.We have to thank only a small BB machine, two telephone trading two, five thousand dollars quickly earned back, equal to install telephone no money, not that you spend some telephone charges?I did not pay there would be no harvest ah!    It was in those years mother mother paralyzed in bed, his wife came back from Russia also had no job to go to Russia did not earn any money, thanks to my family life.Mother also need to wait nanny, brother is mentally ill and was admitted to the hospital; his mother, younger brother of the cost of living, as well as nanny salary brother and I each responsible for half.Those years on the one hand can not be delayed business, on the other hand have always visit his mother, but also anxious to find a nanny thing, fortunately, I was running errands in, BB machine really helped me a lot, then expect that the whole of life BB machine only, not two or three thousand dollars a month, it would be no income, and no longer have their own business and shift the BB machine does not work, can not let personal business units know, are linked by a single line BB machine.In particular Hebei shift the self-employed to find my paper through BB machine, no BB machine is unable to contact the.So about four years, where state-owned enterprises gradually decline, income is not more than half done, like me, four people responsible for the cost of living, it is a little too much for wages.Brother asked me: do not go to the Land Office Zone?I asked: How much salary?Brother said: eight hundred.I say: Forget it.I am now able to earn two or three thousand a month, free time, the old lady now paralyzed in bed, have to eat and drink and tube nanny wages, can not but consider the actual question, I still run my paper, right.    2097 autumn, the mother died, the second year the unit has collapsed, the paper is not good business to do, I went back home to open the store, BB machine is useless, breaking away from the BB machine.By now, a BB machine has also been at home on the windowsill throw yet.[Editor: Tianshao Yu]

Buttonwood’s praise

REVIEW winter, thick plane trees stand along the roads, shedding bark constantly, it becomes smooth, but time has a different color will have a gap, a network of a.  Like plane trees, downstairs road lined with thick plane trees, all year round transform their own attire and attitude, accompany road and come and go non-stop shuttle vehicles and people in the past, become the highlight of the city.    Thick trunk usually divided in more than two meters twigs, just bundle up from the fingers, evenly curved and straight forward to growing up period of up to form rounded crown, gives the impression that sturdy, powerful, exuberant vitality.    Spring, plane trees wake up relatively late, until the weeping willow grow small leaves, when changed from light yellow to green, will slowly stuck his teeth tender palm-shaped leaflets from the spores come in, especially prone to accept the sun shine some more local, branches and leaves grow more quickly, a few days those little leaves vied with each other to stretch the entire crown gradually transition from the trunk of the body color to the main color to the leaves.    Summer, large palm-shaped, feels a bit hairy, solid feel, son elected to leave the largest long-handled blade, even when the son of a small parasol, slightly smaller remove the handle down on his head , is a native of the summer hat.Palm-shaped leaves that cling closely together, sometimes cracks the sun screen into fine spot falling on the road, the strong sunlight filtering through the leaves, becomes calm, and not so hot, standing under a tree, will feel a little cool, heart with shadow shade becomes calm, natural.    In the fall, the leaves of green life and life can not help but call autumn, the leaves of autumn color gradually become the main color.However relic figure, mottled bark, palm-shaped thick blades, in the cold branch quivering.    Not a few days, wandering in all branches of green and yellow or yellowing of leaves, while tight wind swept through the branches could not pull that has long been the heart return to earth of leaves, leaves that also tried to get rid of its care branches, eager to fly to the wind removed the ground, finally kissing the earth with peace of mind, reunion.Leaves in this autumn days and nights in the fall, accompanied by enchanting and quiet dance, colorful leaves, wandering the floor, looked in my eyes was actually extreme beauty!That large palm-shaped leaves, one, two.Slowly sink together, the streets paved with half, gorgeous gorgeous, rich in beautiful colors, yellow, green, brown, like an abstract painting in the immediate present, in seeing a single gray concrete pavement after this vision actually to add a bright color, a beautiful enjoyment.    In winter, thick plane trees stand along the roads, shedding bark constantly, it becomes smooth, but time has a different color will have a gap, a network of a.Cold north wind blowing all day autumn leaves did not call down to, until the last one leaves shaking down only to give up, leaving only its fruit hung.Fruit Indus looked at people like, round brown pellets, such as longan general size, appearance is covered by prominent seed, if open look inside, it is a long brown flocculent, long handle attached to the Department branches, like Yi Keke longan hung, then the trunk leaves no cover up, showing its sturdy stems and fruits like wind chimes in the wind as swaying, is a rare tree view.    Like plane trees, like its vitality, rooted in where where it is grown, there is an adaptable character, not because of poor location and noisy, and the secular can show that a release of its own style.

Butterfly, flying over people’s minds

A butterfly flew out of the window.    At that time I was being an extremely difficult math problems to resolve troubled, so he stopped the nose, he turned to look out the window, so they saw this butterfly.She was lightly flying and flapping slightly pink spotted dotted with large golden wings, light dance in the air, like a pure spirit.    Looking at this beautiful butterfly, I remembered Jean Duominite Bobby, the French fashion magazine “ELLE” editor in chief.He thinks of his story and his “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly”.    In life one morning, he had a stroke and was rushed to hospital with friends, in a coma for twenty days later, he regained consciousness, he found himself no longer move her body turned out, only a left eyelid also active, he described himself as being put into a diving bell, the whole body must not move.    Sudden disaster is undoubtedly devastating, especially for a man of spirit, our Mr. Bobby, too, almost desperation.But then he finally picked it up confidence, hope and courage, his attendant next to him kept by frequency of use to read 26 letters, and so on to read that letter when he wants to use, he would blink his body the only but also by the brain controls the left eyelid, his attendant is to let him through this way can communicate with the outside world, and is also in such a way that he completed his “the diving bell and the butterfly,” to know if this writing background, it is difficult not to be impressed by reading this book, this book will therefore be even feel every word is very precious.    In the book, Bobby describe him like a diving bell in general, but his mind is like a butterfly flew into the already over high mountains and the sea in many parts of the world..It writes, “I began to wake up from the morning practice to move the tongue into my mouth after.”” If we can successfully swallow the saliva, then I would be the happiest person in the world.”An clamped fate of sadness not move very sad; but on the other hand, maybe Bobby is lucky, sudden misfortune make him think that he will not go to some of the problems usually think, in this book he calmly Some think the earth will encounter, it is impossible to go around the problem, such as love, faith, compassion, conscience, and so on and so, the disease reduced his life, but deeply carved deep his thoughts.    Two days after “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly” was published, Jean Duominite Bobby eventually died, the butterfly can still.    Perhaps the person’s life on the way through, not unexamined, can not swim, can not muddle along, we need to think, we need deep thought.Of course, you are not to be a philosopher, but behind every life has its profound it is not trivial?    If the idea of eternal let that thought just like that butterfly, flew over people’s minds, flew beside the hourglass of time, slowed down the pace of life fall, so we have enough time to enjoy the butterfly.

Butterfly statement

Opened the window, she said, there is nothing around, you have a tree?There spend it?anyone there?Blue sky or do?There are no clouds ah!I know that the sun is so hot my face, but my life, there will never be a sun!For a man surrounded by blue sky all day, a day facing the mountains and rivers, water Sensation, the mountain decent woman, they all can not be expressed in words cruel.She too poor!    Although she was the sun shining, though there are mountains out the window, although there are clouds horizon.All in all, for her, nothing of!    Wall it?Wall it?Wall it?Here a vast network nightlife, sea without her, without her tree, without her man.She could not see the!Here the world is not the color.Hill also bald, withered grass, the forest is also sparse.Only water and he, as well as the previous look!    Come!Reach out your hand, this is your water, your heart to see.I tell you, not in front of a waterfall, but a tall lonely cliff wall if you want, I can take you to the next piece of the mountain, I guarantee, that piece of the mountain will not fall, I around you, taller than a piece of the mountain, I am your wall, lean on me.I’m tall, I feel it?If you do not feel, come with me, I’m your eyes.That look, this is the big tree, you see it?Our past, we spent running in the sea, you remember?    Today’s vast landscape bleak, let me turn it into green, into flowers, please?    Living life, inevitably dying landscape, think about your tree, your water, winter comes, can spring be far away!

Butterfly fly, but the sea article

Part One: butterfly fly, but the sea “Give me a moment, I say love.With my life, you turn and look.”It was once said a word butterfly.After many years of sea total dead of night aftertaste.Past always scenes.  That day has only fun butterfly, accidentally landed on the sea side.From afar, boundless sea, covered too much content.All this made her fascinated.She hang around all day in the side of the sea.She did not care to go to sea.She too small.Sea always remember that, in contemplation.Stay in their own homes heart.Zhuomo Tou who can not go to the heart of the sea, the sea can not know where the heart is, just guessing, perhaps in the middle of the sea.Only the sea came to understand myself, have gone through thousands of years of wind and rain, he had lost his complete heart.Only one core and hard shell vicissitudes.  One day, he was a butterfly persistent infection, he began to notice a butterfly.He likes the simple goodness of butterflies, butterfly.Butterflies tenderness.They began to talk to each other, attract each other.I do not know which day the sea began to like butterflies.The butterfly has long been obsessed with the deep sea and the vicissitudes of life.She has been staying with, obsessed with this piece of deep sea, in her heart, there is sea, there is enough, there is everything there is sea, sea just pay a little bit of love can make butterfly satisfied.In fact, she is not greedy.  Butterflies and sea accompanied by the day, butterfly feeling eyeful spring.Her fascination with the sea, she felt this life is past life marriage will encounter again.Although the ending is just hopeless love.  Sea also began to revel this happiness, he slowly wake up.He is over the sea thousands of years, she just weak butterfly.Her lithe and delicate.How long you can love him?  She paid her all, but in the eyes of his sea experience only made him short of ecstasy, more real loneliness continue.He has a wealth of content, butterfly simply can not understand him go, could not guess the heart of the sea, in the deep sea, she was unusually thin foil.  Gap for thousands of years, different experiences, butterfly, this is a hopeless love.  Butterfly struggling darting, hopeless looking at the vast sea, no matter what kind of effort, she never flew less than a sea of hearts, because she’s thin and his vicissitudes.  ”Because I love you, why they want to leave you.”When the butterfly how not fly into the heart of the sea, only to say the phrase old-fashioned sea lines, her tears dripping in the arms of the sea, sea silence.Shiver butterfly wings, circling keyed reluctantly.Then a sea breeze blowing, not enough time to take off the butterfly, fall into the vast sea, into the blue tears.Sea struggling to catch the butterfly’s wings, trying to tell her that he loved, really loved.But all too late, butterfly heart on a vast sea of, put themselves into the sea, the final answer with blue tears.  When the moment she melted, she finally realized the truth: butterfly fly, but the sea.Leaving only the sentence: Give me a moment, I say love.With my life, you turn and look.    Part II: butterfly fly, but the sea butterfly fly, but the sea, because it is not courage, but the other side did not wait three years to wait for the flowers open, after all, did not have time, I wrote the prologue winter solitude with keys.  Close your eyes that you can not see the dark the whole world, that covered his ears, you can hear all the trouble.That stopped, the heart can no longer be displaced.That no longer write, you will forget the sorrow from.  I used to think the story is not finished, in fact already prepared have changed the outcome.I used to think would not finish at the youth, only filled with words of farewell.I once thought so important you can calmly placed only memories.  I was so self-righteous, I refuse to refuse to embrace the warm, refused to believe that a better world.I grew up, there is no turning back so much, I’d be quiet.  Blessing is a clear spring in bloom, bloom season, quarter after quarter has a faint fragrance I exhort.I exhort is drifting in the wind and rain, wind and rain streaks, strands with the flowers wither I have feelings.  I am very far away from you, smile and say you wish.And you are not already make me forget.You do not know my sadness, it is so tightly nestled in the cold night.  That escape can avoid miss, to see the sunrise saw that the sea can have the courage to fly alone.Love that fog flirtation do not believe there are so many for life would not hurt to ambiguous.But you lose just wandering escape, love is just plagiarism.  Travel only means constantly looking for, find, bid farewell.Surprise, stay, then leave.Like going through a brief love.  Crest mood was quiet, thoughts can still be easily shaken down time.  Once said many years of waiting for the hint to meet you, but I do not know a year ago decided to see that you are not doomed to wait for my next few years.  I have met with a pencil sketch of all the circumstances.Who gave me an excuse arrival of spring flowers.Since then, I feel folded, is ruffled.But after all, my world you are not there, you can not play my broken strings.I do not know to whom your heart, you who accompany most beautiful years.This time I finally had to have changed even wait.But I still do not understand that a sudden fireworks or lonely, those who say that I love.  I thought I found a rose garden that one, but severely stabbed in earnest love of my hands, forget the pain away reproach, I told myself red roses are inevitably wrong.  If only shown signs of life Unfortunately, no one will see the outcome, but the fate of the first place.Some people some things are meant to be only for nostalgia.Just as some people are destined to wait for someone else, some people are destined to be, et al..  If you have Picking Jiangnan woman, I will be missed at tis you Haowan.If you had been truant urchin, and I will fall out of your pocket is sinking new marbles.If you have a wall of the monk, I will stick of incense that is before the house.I know I know, I miss you, was actually a past life so pathetic doomed.  Painted scenes.Filled with smoke.Seven colors of the rainbow.Dazzling neon.Unscrupulous lonely.Flashy fall for youth.Slim hope disillusionment.Bitter experience smile.I put the scattered pieces put together piece by piece, but still the same incomplete memory.  Who I am in the world with a splendid dying.  Early birds flying south, leaving me alone in the winter.  Lonely as the winter snow, hiding in a warm room to see the white world is pretty irrelevant, but it is so true touch of cold.  Light faded, and winter came, I went back to the lonely.  How feelings are blooming snowflake weather.Whom tremble together, do not understand gentle.Who led hand, is barren sand dunes.How to cherish, not forever.  I think if I choose to give love, I would be lonely without medication.Sauna net dual showers even fine, I own the sky, the moon can not be star-studded.  So I should not need a piano beat to treat insomnia tonight, just like the one you quietly leave the winter, all the action takes place in silence, I Wang Ran ignorance.  The so-called lonely, I fuss dedication.  I should not have fancy things did not happen in the summer in.All gorgeous open after the lonely, incomplete leaving only memories filled the rain, endless sorrow, blurred vision.  Youth in again swaying distant dream.I chose the most beautiful gesture to forget.  I understand that dreams are illusory, no matter how I try to go around, there are always not touch its outline.As bleak monument, carved hang some flies.  Wait no longer dream of flowers, butterflies fly, but I believe the sea, spring goose does not come, weak wings dissipated in the earth’s shadow.  Kite windy sea dolphins a year ago, I was listening to Elegy I let go, I have learned out of your own existence.  If ambiguous debt owed, I returned from a lonely desert alone a year to pay off.Time, just when I was squandering.  Trees and flowers withered and how this life.No matter how brilliant bloom once before, and regardless of who had left the encounter took me a fraction of the Love.Time reduced to ashes, remembrance and forgetting is also a pain.  If the sky is not falling off, holding up the gorgeous sadness, then I’ll stay.However, all have become flashy.  Your magnificent turn, left me a haggard land of sorrow.The same intersection with a sky, I’ve learned not to give up.  My fortune, who do not know floating.  I always tangled.I always like to go crazy for one person.I miss my dedication.I was too self.I never promised.I use real fabricated a lie, I guess with this broken world.  Who sounds a whole summer cicadas, who rendered a dying fall.The next morning, who gave me the spring mood.  Who says Hello Who disturb, who understand lonely me smile.Originally, I want to love, just a warm hug.    Part Three: butterfly fly, but the sea fleeting thoughts across my patch of sea, waiting for you on the other side of the flowers into my life but can not get past the clouds.  Legend: “Bana is an oath, but also a wait in long years, every game is a waiting period of obsession of fantasy, if you can wait until the Bana open when the person you love comes, then You will be happy for a lifetime.  Meet is a beautiful encounter, even in how some people can not always met to remember, some people met at that instant, to forget can not forget.  Drawer yellowed diary, hidden in the deepest memory, then you smile warms me that one summer!  In those accustomed to the lonely night, always inexplicable sadness, so close to the city, a man keep empty, until I met you.  In the turmoil fleeting encounter, a romantic scene to you, to me, is the twilight of.  You see life was passing glance, how many years understatement.  If you are my mind, is not all my loneliness and desolation into the eyes you did not.  Amidst the dress comes, smudged the outcome.  Plain the years to come, such as Lotus smile, light dyed skirt end, a tea and a piano, a woman of clear joy..At the time you sweet smile, like a lotus, like, elegant yet gentle woman, a man always used to sit in the lotus pavilion quiet reading, your pale blue dress printed with a faint afterglow of the sunset, so gentle, so warm , infection that blurred my desolate heart, so that one summer, I met with you every day, just for you that a shallow smile!  Memory is a fish.I think you could not swim in the dark,.  I thought the standard of happiness are the same, but I did not think when I met happiness, can not remember your appearance.  Looking back lights as the old, shallow holding hands, what you want on the side, ready to love.Or quietly holding your hand go so slowly, until the end, and my heart is filled with your gentle hand.  The so-called city, is the kind of give you secure, but also to the place you bundle.I think people love this life is the largest and most powerful bundle.And your city, I was destined doomed.  Not to look fly farther than to the commitment is swaying line.As the sea never doubted blue sky.Not stray from my dream, but I casually spread panic, I just want to be with you together, wandering whether or quiet, as long as you like.  If found, it will exist gentle, occasional anxiety and loss does not appear to bring, I forbear.Not weary.  I learned to miss, in a quiet moment, Enron Ruobi.Fetters you and me.  Stop and go, the end of Dynasty.  Warm-year Duanmo, recall acquaintance knowing each other as a mirror.Recalling past lives to spend the night is young.But it is right close horizon two across, farewell soul Diego.After Fragrance tempting, he turned around, from.End of the World stranger.  Do not know when the night began like lonely companionship, do not know when to start on-line stealth has become a habit, I do not know when to start like write these sad words, do not know when to start the kind of faint melody sad this has brought me through the years of youth!And I hope you are alone in the distance of the South!By now, I can not remember because I was used to it you lonely accompanied or met you in before I’m used to.And just when I was lonely when you accompany me that a faint glimmer, when night falls again, you disappeared in the night sky, never seen.  Fleeting inky, our ending, after all, like the butterflies fly, but the sea!    Part Four: Butterfly fly, but the sea, “you and I love, love is not blessed, like a butterfly fly, but the sea, destined to end sad helpless.”Listen to songs with friends to share the song, the heart could not help but ups and downs in this sad melody.People most likely to synchronize their feelings with sad music in lost time.Lyrics seem to say are in line with his state of mind.At this time, listening to the song feel the feelings of friends and would like to say to friends, I share your feelings, then to the mouth but can be stuck in my throat, unable to speak out loud.Sometimes the language is so pale and weak, “empathy” words easy to say, but who can understand the true sense of who’s so thorough?Only silence accompanied with listening to a song, over and over again, accompanied with the ups and downs of mood!”When love can not tolerate too many sad, promise of love become so pale.”Sometimes, when a sudden can not control is the helplessness, sadness surrounded, unable to break free, the whole body up and down as if they soaked in clear water Han Tan, pouring from the biting chill in the limbs, can not tell the sad sad sad!Thought of here, will be very interested to distant friends a hug, let the other side feel the warmth between this friend.  It is said that butterflies fly, but the sea is not a butterfly flying over the sea to be no more courage, but the other side has no waiting.Power did not, mustering the strength to suddenly disappear, so, all of a sudden imbalance.Looking forward, the future of the vast know where is the end, looking back, where the horizon is distant shore?Living in halfway, I do not know where to go at a loss!Butterfly fly, but the sea.Butterfly Butterfly own helplessness, the sea end of the line may also have it Yinzhong!Perhaps the tide is surging that tears the heart, the tide falls, perhaps the deep love!Tide low tide, with butterflies flying all the way, halfway flaps, perhaps who do not want the outcome.However hard how to accept defeat, after all, is not intended to change the outcome.The frustration, presumably no one can understand!I do not know how to take it lightly on!  What the world most bitter?The most bitter feelings!What is the most tired?Feeling most tired!This time may wish to ask yourself, what has the most beautiful?Of course, love is the most beautiful!The total Sometimes, we are willing to do something for someone, without feeling bitter, do not feel tired, do not feel wronged.In fact, the butterfly fly, but flying is not important, important is the process of flying.Butterfly had entered the force, and perhaps physically and mentally exhausted, physically and mentally fatigued perhaps, perhaps suddenly no motivation, no matter what, he had tried for goal in mind, is not it?Process is the United States, is willing enough.Whether stand, regardless of the outcome, no one can ever erase the share of heart, would really!We are willing to pay and that is to enjoy.Then do not complain, do not hate, no anger, no blame!Loved the good, can not stand the hate torture, torture only to have to come and go pale wash of feelings.So, even the process is not beautiful!Believe me, really I walked the streets, even if it is a wonderful person, this dedication can always move, the fullness of a life of their own, but also the warmth of the man whom had persistent.  Who would not have taken decent life, such as ink painting dripping with casual happy!It can often backfire, who can have complete control over your life?When the ink around the corner, not in accordance with the intention to ink a dye mood, why do not we change it thinking, planning another re-interpretation of a picture.Not thoughts, not necessarily a good picture of achievement.I think that butterflies fly, but the sea, in order to stop, it is the end everywhere, everywhere is returned to shore!Heart is both head and heart both shore!Butterfly fly, but the sea, enough is enough want to turn around, not down, nor abandoned, but forced reality.Once treated with tolerance, I believe that the original better, do not complain, do not hate, no longer sad.Turned around, Cheng pulls back to make room reserved for a subtle fragrance lingering in mind, and with him, you is that he never again touched a wisp of incense never!So, you can only remember the original better, forget the tired.Smile still, well in lightly in a quiet promise years!

Butterfly flower drunk, but the wind to fly Flower

Part one: broken flower under butterfly, flowers are wind blown fly leaves, leaf fall tree care, leaves from the leaf to read flower, leaf reading leaf tears, Yela do Enriching the soil, leaves mud more quadrangle.  Chang E for the month drunk, but according to the monthly return rabbits; moon hovering month, month overcast Rabbit sad, whom on Long Xi, dark months for whom weeping moon illuminated the night sky, moonlight reflected very few stars, full moon residual hook, moon month solitary clear, moonlit night according to whom, for whom the lack of flower fly next month Chengjiang practice, Chengjiang nearly empty mountains.Sunset setting sun hidden, the souls of flowers with the flow.Yesterday the number of red full, empty silence now Wan.  Butterfly flower drunk, but the wind flower fly, flower dance flower tears, crying flower petals fly, flowers whom Xie, Hua Xie for whom grief, regret flower blossom, edge to edge to edge of the water is too Jun Jun tears , Jun Si Jun Hui tears, to whom the king stay the king to stay for whom sadness and beauty king and love, but with the king of reform, hidden Jun Jun Jun helpless now, people coming and going freely drunk love for love, love for the Valentine desolate.Hurt feelings is infatuated, infatuated love is cool.Heart cloud heart wanders, pained effort funeral.Moods whom died, desperate for whom funeral.Heart to Heart to heart from injury, feeling affectionate love vast Kam.  Suifeng Wu leaves, flowers and butterflies Cong.Autumn leaf knowing, thousands of miles to find Xin.I do not know in the wilderness round, dawn to silly.Feeling heartbroken, Acacia tears, resentment who know.Since the other and the king, my heart went with Iraq.Coast to Coast, the affectionate been disconsolate.Fall flowers, butterflies Acacia, we already know the sad ending.  Butterflies fly, dragonflies chase, sexual gratification than Yifei; pian hope, hope people go, do not see through Autumn back; Clouds Chasing the Moon, wind Fu Liu, Jun remember the past feelings; students with promise, died spend, vows not look back.  Butterflies fly, dragonflies chase, gazing with a dream.Hope wild geese, hope people go, every long drink himself Cup.Acacia bitter, tears wet cup, a non-human well see.Situation dependent, the heart of Xu, grab this life does not let go.Past situation, edge life, Love and Love knot.Phase pull the soul, the dream phase winding, when the hate Melancholy.With the joys, knot bosom friend, see the truth of trouble.Meet difficult, Bie, affectionate moon and new moon.    Part II: butterfly flower drunk, but the wind to fly Flower Do not ask me where it comes from, goes I was a gust of wind, came and went without a trace; Do not ask my name yet who, I do not notice, just you and me pass, are all passing, why say.End of the World destined to meet, missed right close by strangers, destined for a thousand years, missed the fleeting Hundred Days pay.Edge of the deep edge of the shallow, only an idea.—- Inscription sauna is an empty net off the night, the wind has gone into the bone, I know that winter is coming.After nightfall habit every day, I sit in the case before the favorite to write some text, which seems to have an addictive addiction, obviously the busy days, but gradually sink in the heart in a loss, staring look the screen, I did not know where to start.Turn in a song aptly’s fingertips can not help but free in the keyboard, note the time that thoughts, thoughts Banzhan.  See an article today have an “Old people like nostalgia,” left speechless sadly, Am I old yet?Just calm down, they will remember the past, some memorable ever had never been able to forget, even though the wind has Danyun light, I really thought I forgot, so throw out clean, so that is so casual ease.But for those who inadvertently catch a glimpse of a few poem ever written, mixed with pain and tears or love or hate, just read it has already gone is so piercing.Some things happened in Vain, touch will remember.Some people, been to always leave a trace, goodbye already have.But he was stubbornly wrote a lifetime of pain, pretend as a Huoluo scars, can never be devoid of.The original light everything will flow away at any time, loved the people, moving too sad situation, the case only.  I thought I would be a stubborn person to incurable, let go I do not know, I do not look back, no turning back.But life has taught me, love must be a response, a person close to the escape of a person, is bound to be dripping ink into the wound.Life does not need so many unnecessary attachments, no need to jealously guarding to the end of time as another person, even if it just fell in love while, bears a lifetime of tears, but also the fate.If the heart dependency, they miss the foreseeable future, for you from Prison.  The person’s life at least once for someone, you forget yourself, do not seek everlasting beauty, only to meet the most beautiful years.What a beautiful and pain of love, love can not spend, the kind of courage to dare not forget?Love, do not ask right or wrong, but to no regrets.After, regardless of right and wrong, Oh that peace of mind.After all, I was a passionate woman, ruthless coat only to unrelated people, in front of people know, the end is not restrained to fall.A friend, the world is better than thousands of words, one understands you, resolve uncertainty about the door, since it is an idea for you dedication, he stuck the city.With a heart of love, it is how warm things Oh, because of love, I am willing to lower their own arrogant face, either your tender kiss upon my brow, that moment just want to snuggle in your arms, waiting for me Harbor mooring heart of life.  Time flies, dream off fingers.You are no longer the romantic teenager, but I do not hate parting woman, between that distant landscape, only to miss Sylvia Yin rampant, scattered in the horizon, and your loving eye, the end is my life regret nostalgic.Tonight captures a ray of red beans, cover falling a break up, planted a species of Acacia, I used the cold this winter, and so that a spring, wait facing the sea, the Red there is love in full bloom from my heart, such as lotus Memories Come.

Butterfly Dream like magic if quicksand

All along, the very emotion of love story, let us not imagine that the plot, those love-hate between lovers, with their lives and write a fleeting but legendary courage to bear.Close my books in my mind out of sight durable ghost.Hearts full of heavy, continuous accumulation of the feeling the breathing is difficult.Hands can still close my stubborn will have the books open, to continue those stunning love.    Feiniaohuoyu love, so poignant, people feel pity.Although the love, but the end can not live in each other’s world, they are created by the Creator regret.Chyi Yu like singing it, but for once you stall displaced \\ \\ if I had not once looked concerned but where this game was not optimistic about love and concern.Perhaps love is so suddenly, and even some people feel awkward, not a rational mind to deal.It was a long lost body temperature of the fish, it is a habitat for birds could have four.Their meeting, in the author’s pen has been written in the world’s most remote distance, flying in a day, but a deep diving submarine.The world’s most remote from the source is the case, even affectionate as the sea, even though broad-minded like the sky, still can not be together.    Sad music endless, eternal legendary love story ever.They wanton occupy our ears, our eyes, our senses, until into our blood, our fundamental change.The music, the story is like a curse, as long as we reveal a little bit of emotion.Even after the cold eyes of the mask trace of flicker, will be infected, there is no way out at all.    Icy cold nights, when you look up at the stars, are not able to see the figure of love?This is the most precious thing in life.    Unexamined pedestrian on the road, such as traveling line mention walking with a puppet, no soul.They put heart deep in sorrow and hatred, to eliminate all redemption.Love does not listen to advice, do not pursue those precious memories.When the error is already cast, when regret is not recovered, the thread between himself cut off by their love, can return to his own heart?We can not predict.In those years, we experienced with dark clouds, who moved in the past, has come to our eyes, like an old movie.Unfortunately, the protagonist has to do to change others, we can not go back.    ”Oath,” the word is Youkouwuxin, but the “blame worry,” the word is the truest representation of our hearts, care about performance.I heard a “treasure” dropped on the floor of the sound, they are lying there quietly, issued cries enlightening to guide the runner between us, let love continue.    This is a version of quicksand phone shell butterfly, born in the late autumn.He pioneered the industry’s cell phone shell, a unique perspective and ornamental art of the perfect show in people’s eyes and practicality, stunning the entire market.Butterflies fly together in the flow of the stars in, chasing each other, Xixi.Stylish and charming, suitable for young family of ladies.As an upgraded version of the phone shell quicksand, not only in the details has been improved, but also do a lot to enhance the practicality, art appreciation is also very high.If that’s the disadvantage of this phone shell, it is that Living connubial butterfly can not escape the shackles of the phone shell, can not rotate around us, can not stop at our fingertips and hair.    Love, inadvertently revealed, from the strange two people closer to each other, they faint flicker of pure light, it seems like light butterflies, flying flowers, flying white snow-capped mountains, flying over our heads, lightly, Flying free.Carrying our hopes and wishes, we sow the pure love.

Aces and fools

Once there was a small village, there lived two brothers.Brother and fine and smooth, people call him aces, brother, simple and honest man, people call him a fool.Since the early death of parents, two brothers, two brothers living in poverty had to depend on each other.Time flies, a flash aces brother married, married a wife, since then, the two brothers will be home by the wife of the tube up aces.As a result, the status idiot brother at home, but one day as a day.In particular, this is his sister, every day, looking for broken pieces fool, not complain that he is lazy, that he was greedy, and it was strange that he can not eat dry.Brother aces Jiabu Zhu egg wife, and often beat him.In short, the brother fool enough to eat all day long to live, clothed also beaten bullied day.After this day, a fool and his brother suffered a two hand, he is in the yard crying, into a white-bearded old man from the door, shut the fool dragged a corner nook, then Fuer whisper, so it goes.I saw the fool could not nod, snot and tears welling up in fool’s smile.The next morning, the hands of a fool holding a basket with a rope tied to the front of the door frame, after leash, standing in the yard will fool them toward the sky, loudly exclaimed: East geese nest west to a nest of geese, to my basket under nest egg!East nest goose, goose nest to the west, next to my basket nest egg!..Brother a fool’s voice down, to see the sky really come flocks of geese, the geese seem to be receiving the same decree, one after another basket in the door frame where it began eggs, blink of an eye, it is full of goose eggs under the basket.Oh, the fool bad music, kept shouting: Well, well, okay!In this way, the fool geese eggs to sell part of the other part and distributed to people like him enough to eat.A few days later, fool shouting geese lay eggs fresh thing was discovered aces.Aces fool not only beaten, but also took away a fool to call geese lay eggs in the basket.This day is still black, aces got up, he learned to fool the way to the basket tied the woodwork their own lives, the central station to the yard and looked toward the sky, gone, no day passed geese, the past two days the geese did not come, which look to be the aces angered.On the third day morning aces pulled out from the house in his brother a fool snapped wife, the husband and wife to fool people is good beating, aces while playing, I asked why they fool the basket these days no geese to lay eggs?Gesao fool can not stand the beatings, they lay it to the old man taught formulas that out.Gesao That stopped his hand, fool Leng Leng sitting on the ground looking at them, I saw this time of aces wife rope on the mouth with both hands toward the sky and shouted: East nest goose, goose nest to the West, in my nest egg basket under Carter, flocks of geese and she appeared in the sky, these geese come straight to the basket on the door frame.The pair had two aces joy grin straight smile, his mouth does not talk on residence: Yan ah, hurry down, large egg Soon the effort, the geese left, the basket and she had a basket full of goose eggs, aces aces come off his wife hastened to greet the basket, when the couple aces just put off his basket on the ground when it smelled the smell of Stink, they carefully smell, the taste of which is in front of the original basket wafting, aces couple hurried hand to touch, I saw out of the basket full of goose eggs into a basket dilute feces.Aces and his wife fool called up the gas, but also a ferocious beat him and then threw him to break the child is about to collapse huts to live.Exclusive house aces couple, live a comfortable life.Fool night stay in the cold and wet breaking huts house, to go up the hill during the day on an empty stomach aces firewood.On this day, the fool went to the mountains to cut firewood.Walking cut, we came to a long, deep ditches.Here overgrown, very few people come here.See firewood fool so much pleasure to slash up.Accidentally fell together, both man and firewood ditch.After a child, a fool slowly stood up, climb on the down slope, how also do not increase, but to move on down the ditch.We walked on, appeared in front of a cave.Fool was curious, went to the hole.Hole long and wide, there are many small door children.He walked, smelt the aroma, flavor floated fool walked toward the place, the original flavor is floating out from a small house.He secretly clinging to the door and looked inside, stood a kang table, above put a lot of dishes a beautiful young woman sitting at the table, boring boring boring tapping a small gong, his mouth talking about: Small Boring gong boring boring boring, rice soup to a fine powder.Having to see a full bowl of rice and a bowl of vermicelli soup placed in the table.After the woman, left a lot of rice Lai.She stood up flick, a white smoke, disappears.At this time, fool hungry stomach cuckoo ringing, he saw the woman go, hurry into the house gobbled up, put on the table while all eat the leftovers.Still not satisfied, he picked up the gong little boring, but also learn the TV drama a woman, talking up.Carter, a bowl of fragrant rice and a bowl of hot soup and noodles in front.Fool After the meal, leaving little boring gong also take home.Since then, a fool not to go out cutting wood, do not cook every day hiding in the huts do not go broke.See aces fool a few days did not give him the firewood was very strange.Secretly climbed huts went inside and saw a fool was eating rice and fragrant Levin.Aces wonder, did not see him cook what, where’s the rice it?No, I have to ask him what was going on.Aces approached the shed and asked fool: these days and have not seen you cook, this is where he comes from rice?Honest fool to say exactly what’s on the aces.The next day, aces also bumbling mountain wood.His intentionally rolled into the ditch, came to the cave, find the room, a look inside, see no food on the table, did not see the woman.Aces think: It may have come too early, waiting for her in the cat up.He saw a vat mouth, inside the empty, nothing, waiting for the woman to squat cylinder.After a while, a burst of cold wind whistled through the room, I saw a beautiful young woman lay fluttering from the outside into the house.On entering the room, the woman smelt stranger taste, she picked up the body with a busy little boring gong up, his mouth read: small Boring Boring Boring Boring gong, three feet long neck out.Aces neck slowly from the tank sticking out.This woman saw a man hiding in the tank.Her body flash, a monster emerged prototype, opened its mouth, rattled the aces swallow live to eat.(Original Walker collected more easily) Annex: spread region: Hebei Jidong area aces: place commonly known as.It refers to the smart, stingy, stingy person.