The sea suddenly remembered that her four-year marriage and Song Zhe.

  She and Zhou found himself at that point bones are similar, their feelings, have their own pride, even if it is like a person, like then, they will be very clear their own bottom line.So they’ll remember they make them every injury, then these injuries made knife, cut off a little bit of love for her share of humble man.
  She cut for almost four years, and each time she tolerated, every concession, every silence, she clearly remember, then forced himself step by step, pushed yourself to the feelings of Song Zhe.
  ”I also liked a person, and then left her.”Zhou thought, finally opening, slowly:” The beginning is difficult, and later discovered that far down you imagine the difficulties.At this stage you only need to restrain yourself, do not be afraid to face him, even you have to get used to the face of a stranger’s identity.”
  ”You have him break up, divorce, nothing to do with you two, get used to this, there is less of.”
  Yang Wei did not speak, she looked at Zhou’s words, even if she does not know this person, but she believed it.Zhou gave her hope, she saw one day, she will eventually calm face of calm

Do not let go.

  And so finally ran up the top at that piece of high ground, looking behind at Mid surging waves as turning Yang dust died down, Ding Jiu Jiu legs and soft, they sit on the floor.
  Throat full of rust smell of blood, breathing is like pulling the old style drum.
  Limbs and every muscle in protest with sour pain, Ding Jiu Jiu almost want regardless of the image to put themselves on the ground “big” font smoothing.
  The hardness tried Tuntui, Ding Jiu Jiu gave up the idea –
  It is fast enough Ge.
  She Shu long way out of breath, arm stays behind the rock face, upturned feel the sun shrouded body temperature down – surviving finally feeling at this moment implemented.
  ”.Survived ah.”
  Girl’s voice called back to the other two human consciousness.
  Bodyguard scared glance which of the three high ground, has been flooded road debris residual tree.
  Parking late step down, three of them may have to Shiguwucun.
  ”.This thing thanks to the Miss Ding.”
  Su directed at soil preparation bodyguard look slightly bent Jiu Jiu Ding pants.
  Ding Jiu Jiu down gently by gradually breathing space, busy waved, “You are too kind.”
  Bodyguard insisted Ju finished this

Yang suicide.

  New this summer is decadent man’s temperament shocked, wants to record his life, in order to graduate as their design, when he asked from the school holidays is 100 days long, and requested help yourself shooting Qu Yang.
  Qu Yang had to decide to leave the world a desperate last good deed for the world, agreed, not knowing that the boy moved into his home in this 100 days, little point and hope the sun moved back to his life.Two fell in love in love, affection is strong when the new summer Qu Yang found that when the sister drowning “ruthless bystander”
  Forest Health is originally auditioned for the role of Azan, and now the summer when he got a new script, and that his soul Affinities feeling wells.
  Lin-sheng personally to the crew door meeting, Ann Qian did not go in, slightly bowed and left the.
  Creative appearances, and is among the crew there are several roles familiar with each other, not many people, students go in the forest found playing phone Mounin.
  The latter also saw him, got up and beckoned.
  Forest Health staff smiled and shook hands, gradually closer to the direction of Mounin, just ready to greet him, but found Mounin sitting around a mature man, abruptly Zhengzhu.
  A leather man

Minutes to pack, five minutes does not come out, do not call me forever assault exam.”

  I stood up, muzzled laugh, “joking with you, you seriously, you color this loss.”Yi hit a new arms look.
  Easy New shook do not exist goose bumps, “watch less messy network scripts okay?”
  I wash my face with warm, simple tidy out.
  Yi new standing in the doorway waiting for me, “my sister and your dad are a bit strange.”
  I wear shoes in the porch, “Which is strange?”
  ”It feels like they are sick, I thought I was in love.”
  I took the door, “Which son of a bitch to spread gossip, how could you do such a thing love Wanwusangzhi.”
  Yi new hands in his coat pocket, “or do you compare me to understand.”
  I looked down guiltily, incorporated into the shoulder-length hair hat.
  ”A ball of chocolate ice cream.”I shook the hands of the membership card.
  Yi new black face, “said the trouble to her for a hot drink, just which one.”
  I looked easy new and easy new look at me, less than a minute in the eye.
  New easy to take away my membership card, “entrusted by the people, loyalty and business of the people.”
  I will head on his shoulders Yi new, faint sigh.
  The new card is easy to go from the crevices breaking my finger, “said

If it is not permissible, or for commercial profit, is certainly illegal infringement]

  [It depends on the owner claiming rights or not it?]
  [I was a bucket of gold powder children, the troupe did affirm the need to turn the play of their application for authorization]
  [This live it be for commercial gain?I do not have money ah]
  [But warm air in the broadcast, it should be made money?I only care about these people will not bring trouble to the little fairy]
  [If so to speak, so many anchors, singing and dancing, are infringed?]
  [This is people do not move officials do not study, do not care about no one cares owner]
  [Domestic] too weak awareness of copyright
  [Foreign remake also cover ah, do not give money to the owner?]
  Lu seven wrinkled brow, then Guoya Jie mean, obviously, it was their own adaptation, not a bucket of gold troupe works.Although she said be ambiguous, but the meaning is very clear, but if true court, also will not lose more than half.But this reputation, stink.
  A small troupe bucket of gold, land seventy-one know.They are a bunch of young, spare time, to prepare their own clothes and props, own film adaptation, made a small video sent to the Internet, the early dance dub spoof, there are a number of good young face value, or the popular classic repertoire, do creative adaptation.Many fans of the group, do the contents are also positive, very good response.
  ”To stop it?”Zhang Yun asked.

After three and a half hour airplane flight, and finally landed in the North – Beijing Airport.The Hong Kong delegation to the mainland government attaches great importance to the north, specially sent a vice premier to meet, and as we held a brief but warm welcoming ceremony at the airport.

  Li Xuan also considered for the first time an insight into a group of children wearing red scarf bounce shouted “Welcome!welcome!A warm welcome!”Scenes.

Chapter 200 dinner reception

  1981 North – Beijing, foreign reception hotel a total of only seven, but both hardware and software support services are a great gap with foreign-star hotel.Therefore, north of Hong Kong delegation, is scheduled to stay in charge of foreign affairs concierge services Diaoyutai State Guesthouse.
  The Hong Kong delegation is a pedestrian-friendly Building 18 of the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse.House Diaoyutai in many hotels to No. 12, Building 18, the most prominent, the two buildings is a special reception of foreign heads of state and government leaders.1972 Nixon’s first visit to the United States to expand ice-breaking trip, is living in Building 18.Also shows that the North – Beijing aspects of the degree of importance of a pedestrian Hong Kong.
  Arrived in Beijing in the afternoon and did not arrange any activities, we brief rest at the state guesthouse in.Building 18 is the appearance of fake palace buildings, antique and decorative features, quite royal style.
  It is located in the Diaoyutai central location, the center of the north side of the lake, standing in front of Li Xuan luxury suites look out the window of the living room windowsill, income fundus everywhere compact design of the southern garden views.
  ”Xu students, this suite you very nice scenery!”Li Xuan said with a smile.


  ”Do not worry, maybe she’s just look at Qinhuai An.”Qin Bo consolation to say this, I knew I might as well not say.
  Yan Sulin though this ruthless Qin Bo, but all the moves from her point of view, she is extremely concerned about the Qinhuai An.
  If she saw Qin Huaian, know the specific circumstances, God knows anything about the situation she was in the end able to.
  ”.We benefit of the doubt, then that person may be able to ferret out and her collusion?”Finally, Qin Bo can only think of such a benefit to comfort the case of Yu Zhou.
  The latter sighed, worried look on his face, could not help but hold people buried his face in his arms.
  He is also worried about how this time the mood is good, he is not stupid foolish.

  ☆, humanity

  Because sudden accident, Qin Bo’s frankly have not had time to say was interrupted.
  Etc. In case of Yu Zhou finally remembered to ask him what to say when Qin Bo shook his head, but said nothing.
  ”Abo, what are you thinking?”After things being processed, Bo Qin Hui Letang home altogether.
  So the next morning, Yan Suxin just go downstairs to see daze Qin Bo, I could not help but stepped forward and asked with concern.
  ”No.”Qin Bo subconsciously shook his head, but soon think of who is in and

Lip smile, laugh Chunpan extended from the corner, climbs like icicles out branching off bloody flowers: “Do you want to worship me as a teacher?You know, when my disciples, what price to pay?”

  No way out.
  Joe powder fell to the ground, cover their heart scream.
  After a few minutes, then it was super Sheng Qiao this screen refresh a screen shot.
  Ohh baby grew up, learned to hook people up.
  Ooo, ooo Red Vamp death online.
  Hum hum what price I’m willing to pay ah baby!
  Look at this look, goods for the laugh, you touch your conscience say, my female goose is not good acting?You can go to your mother.
  Sheng Joe was then frozen No, that several scenes extraordinary play, really well done.After this screenshot is trending brush on, even passers-by generous praise.
  Black powder dingy gone.But we’ll be back!Anyway, we can always wait for your chance to black!
  Online lively ruthlessly, Sheng Qiao too busy to have time to Internet, two crew every day back and forth in time, each scene should treat the spirit of playing twelve, even to Horch highest charting daily to all Ding Jane do it.
  Horch new play recently released, she returned to the hotel each day from the studio, but also open the phone, the ipad, computer three pods to increase ratings.
  Most of the time did not see how, stood to do their own thing, until time to sleep aim the eyes, licked Yan drama, and then

Bath, rubbing his hair out, Fu raw cold bathroom got up and walked around Su Yuan passed, he paused, and said: “Just Gujiu An to call you, I hung up.”

  Su Yuan surprised a moment, “he hung up?”
  Fu is poor and confess their own stingy, “I do not like him to call you.”
  ”You can call him back.”
  Fu raw cold and said: “When I showered out, I hope your call is over.”
  Su Yuan: overbearing.
  Fu and other raw cold into the bathroom, Su Yuan Gu Jiuan find the number to dial in the past, there seems to Gujiu An drank wine, drunk geological asked: “Su Yuan, you are emboldened, actually just hang up on me!”
  Su Yuan is not to say she hung up, and then to the mouth, then changed the tone: “That, Fu raw cold in my room.”
  ”Is not drinking again?Drinker drank so bad, do not late again tomorrow filming.”
  Gujiu An uncovered his eyes down on the sofa, drank half of red wine on the coffee table aside, his voice muffled: “I drank a point.”In fact, he wants to Su Yuan said, he seemed a little bit like her, but the timing was not right occasions wrong, Su Fu Yuan has been poor and he no sense to say these words.
  ”current time

Copies, Mo Yu heart can be completely kicked out of his company, and no longer have to see the annoying flies.

  White leaves quietly asked, “Do you have confidence in it?”
  ”have it.”
  Despite leaves White’s answer sounds very tricky, but who he is, Mo Yu heart crystal clear, if there is no point to grasp, it leaves white naturally can not speak chaos.
  ”Well, I bet for him, would you bet that twenty percent of the shares, you win, doubling the shares, you lose all of the shares owned by me.”
  Cao Xiu suddenly shocked, his face looked incredible heart Mo Yu, his face extremely strange, he told.
  ”Heart Yu, are you sure?You only fifty-one percent of the shares, if you lose me, I will become the company’s largest shareholder, you do not regret?”
  Mo Yu heart without blinking an eye, “as long as you agree, we immediately contract.”
  Cao Xiu laughed, I really do not know where they come from Yu Mo heart lung power, actually a computer repair alone, dare to promise such gambling regulations.
  ”Well, since heart Yu said so, then I do not reject good.But you say, how we bet Act?”
  Leaf and white “nature is both the speed competition, who quickly resolved, who won.